Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Underland to Wonderland 2018 Calendar!

In 2014 I had the crazy idea of putting together my own calendar full of my own nature and wildlife photography. I'm not sure why I decided to do it, but I did, and people bought them and apparently liked them! In 2015 I did it again, releasing a 2016 version and so on for this year too.
To be honest they've never made me a huge profit though. I've covered printing costs, packaging and shipping too but with a few non-payers last year (meaning I made a loss) I was all for just forgetting about it altogether this year.
I've umm-ed and ahh-ed for the past few weeks. Spent far too many hours searching through the thousands of photos I have. Went in huffs, said forget it it isn't worth the time and stress when no one cares and stuff. But as I want one for myself and there are a couple needed for family members too, I thought I would offer it as an option for others to buy but not putting any pressure on it or expecting anything.

My 2018 calendar will be slightly different. Here is a look at the final 12 images (may change, but I will update any prospective buyers) which it will feature and I'll explain more about it below.

As you'll see, birds are the stars this time. Only birds, of numerous species. Still 100% taken by me within the past year or so.
The other difference will be the ordering process. As I mentioned, last year I was left with a few calendars that people said they 'definitely' wanted over and once they arrived I was deleted, blocked and/or just down right ignored when I let them know they were ready to ship. That just isn't cool, costs me out of pocket and is wasteful as they had to be thrown in the recycling :(

That sadly means payment before printing this time. I am hoping to reach a certain profit margin and if that goal is hit I'll be donating all profits after printing costs are deducted to the Berwick Swan and Wildlife trust so fingers crossed that is possible.
Calendars are £12.00 each.(Think of it as £1 per month!)
Those who cannot pick up/meet me/ have them dropped off will incur a small postage fee also.
Orders need to be in by September 30th and must be paid in full by then or they will not be printed.
You can pay via paypal friends and family to danielle.eskdale[@] and you must include your name, how many you would like, whether it is a pick up or postage and if it is postage, the address of course.

To see what the style of calendar will be like, pop on over to this post and have a peek at me 3 previous year's calendars. Final product may vary slightly. Not final cover in first image. Photo line up subject to slight change, though any changes will be made clear to anyone ordering.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh, I love the bird theme! I, of course, would like one :)

  2. The pictures look lovely, cant wait to see the big printed versions! I'll definitely take one, happy to pay up front - just let me know when you want it for! x

    1. Thank you so much!! You are so kind <3 It'll bed end of September I think :)


  3. Oh Danielle this is just gorgeous! I love these, you outdo yourselves with the photos each and every year. I would definitely love one of these - it can be a very, very early Christmas present as I love supporting your work and I don't think I could buy any other calendar now having had yours for the past couple of years now. When do you want them to be paid for by, just so I can get myself sorted as I would love one and I can definitely manage this! :D - Tasha

    1. Thank you :) I won't be ordering them until the start of Oct I think so want orders in by end of Sept! Don't push yourself though, I fully understand if you can't do it!


    2. I can definitely do it and can pay you on the 16th of August, nice and early if that's OK? :D


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