Sunday, 16 July 2017

Weekly Wondering // Week 28

'Sup, yo?!
For the explanation of what is going on here, please do click here and have a quick read.
Other than that, in short, I am answering 7 of these 365 thought provoking questions each week until I complete the year. I already did this in 2013 and am revisiting them to compare my answers.

What will you never do?
Drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke cigarettes.
More 'meaningful' things I'll never do would be cheating, be it in a relationship or in terms of like not doing things by the book if that makes sense. Also, going against any of my personal values. Never, for no reason and no one will I disrespect or forget my morals.

Excluding romantic relationships, who do you love?
Baker. Mam and Dad. Almost every creature on the planet minus other humans lol.

What is your earliest childhood memory?
As I've probably mentioned 17,000,000 times on this blog,  my memory isn't the best and I usually can't even remember what I had for tea yesterday let alone over 20 years ago.

What book has had the greatest influence on your life?
Biggest cliche in the worrlllddddd - Harry Potter. You'll have heard it a million times over no doubt but it was and is a huge part of my life that was certainly the light in my darkest times. I could go on for days about what the wizarding world means to me but yeah.
The Chronicals of Narnia too.

What three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?
Will animal exploitation for entertainment, sport, food and other purposes ever end?
When will the world leaders and other officials make proper steps to protect our planet from climate change, river/sea/ocean pollution, over population and more?
Why did JK find it necessary to kill off Hedwig?

What is the greatest peer pressure you've ever felt?

What's the biggest lie you once believed was true?
That fairies, mermaids and other similar beings don't actually exisit. Because they do.

Make sure to look back on this same post from 2013/14 here, and see the differences in my answers! (I completed writing this before checking back to my old answers by the way). You can also see the series in whole from last time here and of course last week's Weekly Wondering here.


  1. Loved your answers to this week's question, the one about fairies, mermaids etc. I definitely resonate with. I love mythology and folklore and don't want to believe there isn't some truth in it, it makes life a bit more magical. I've never smoked or taken any drugs either (I'm very boring, haha) and rarely ever drink so I am on board with you there too - also yes JK, why Hedwig? I sobbed when that happened! - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Oh I need to do a whole post about all that stuff. All stories come from somewhere after all...
      Not boring at all Tasha! We are more interesting because we don't need those poisons to enjoy the world or have fun!!:)

      Worst Potter death for me, other than Dobby :'(