Sunday, 23 July 2017

Weekly Wondering // Week 29

Hello there! Hope you have had a lovely week thus far.
For the explanation of what is going on here, please do click here and have a quick read.
Other than that, in short, I am answering 7 of these 365 thought provoking questions each week until I complete the year. I already did this in 2013 and am revisiting them to compare my answers.

In your lifetime, what have you done that hurt someone else?
I'm not 100% sure. I guess leaving my ex hurt him, but then he shouldn't have domestically abused me for years.

What's the best part of growing older?
Not having to ask anyone before getting pets. Not that I have anymore other than Baker but if I could (had the space/funds/etc) I would and I needn't have anyone's permission :)

What's been on your mind most lately?
Money. Money being saved for trips, money needing saved for a deposit so we can get out of this street within the next few years, oh and how much money our bloomin' internet has gone up to. Ridiculous!

What do you think is worth waiting for?
Good movies to come out, dogs walking toward you so you can say 'hhiii', getting a photo of a particular bird that you've been trying to for hours.

What chances do you wish you had taken?
The interview for photographer at Disneyland Paris. It was probably coming up to a decade ago now that I applied, but my partner at the time (I'll let you guess if it's the one mentioned previously in this post) didn't allow me to go for it as I'd obviously have to live over there. 

Where else would you like to live? Why?
In the middle of absolutely nowhere because there is nothing I hate more in life than neighbours.

What motivates you to go to work each day?
The fact that I have a house to run...bills to pay and a dog to feed? Isn't that enough motivation for everyone?! haha 

Make sure to look back on this same post from 2013/14 here, and see the differences in my answers! (I completed writing this before checking back to my old answers by the way). You can also see the series in whole from last time here and of course last week's Weekly Wondering here.


  1. Oh my gosh Danielle, that interview to be a photography DLP would have been amazing for you - your photos are always stunning! I can so relate to this too as I was offered an interview for a small but would could have been a promising role and foot in the door to the New Forest National Park but I'd just moved to Cumbria and with money and timing, I couldn't get back down South for the interview, so I passed it along - in hindsight I really wish I'd gone for it, but at the same time I'd like to think that things sometimes happen for a reason and I'm glad you're no longer with that hurtful partner you had and who knows, they may advertise again and you could re-apply! - Tasha

    1. Yeah, I always think about it but could never go now because I wouldn't be able to take Baker and it's hard enough leaving him for a week holiday ha.
      Oh wow that would have been right up your street eh?! What a shame. But still, things definitely happen for a reason and your path mustn't have needed to fork off there.


  2. For me, the best part of getting older is to eat what I want, like pizza and cake for breakfast. I don't do that too often as it's not healthy, but I can if I want to. :))

    1. haha true! Yesterday I had half a bar of chocolate for breakfast.