Sunday, 27 August 2017

Weekly Wondering // Week 34

Hello :) For the explanation of what is going on here, please do click here and have a quick read.
Other than that, in short, I am answering 7 of these 365 thought provoking questions each week until I complete the year. I already did this in 2013 and am revisiting them to compare my answers.

What makes love last?
Honesty, first and foremost. Then hard work I guess. Getting on with it, respect, allowing each other to be themselves but growing together instead of apart and having a bloomin' laugh. Just laugh it off....or you'llend up in prison.

What good comes from suffering?
What doesn't kill you makes stronger. I think that's a song...I dunno but it's true. I've done my share of suffering, nothing compared to some but still pretty hellish, and it's usually seen me come out the other side with a new layer of thicker skin. Usually.

What's the most important lesson you've learned in the last year?
To stay true to me. Be who I am. It's only very recently that I've wanted to go back to my roots and be the me I was when I first found me. If that makes sense.

Based on you current daily actions and routines, where would you expect to be in five years?
Oh gosh, still  probably in the same bloomin' rut. I want to be so much more than this but in reality I'm a nobody destined to live a nobody life. I do nothing apart from work 3 jobs, try to look after my own house and go to Disneyland once every few years.
In 5 years time I'll still be working 3 jobs, renting houses with neighbours who make me feel like rubbish and will maybe have been to DLP another 2/3 times. 

What was your last major accomplishment?
This is turing into one heck of a pesimistic post but I don't think I have any 'major accomplishments' at all to be honest. Dad and I did our 34ish mile walk for charity but that was last year. Really makes me feel like a bit of a loser haha.

Through all of life's twists and turns who has been there for you?
Mam and Dad

What or who has been distracting you?
Myself? I'm not sure.

Make sure to look back on this same post from 2013/14 here, and see the differences in my answers! (I completed writing this before checking back to my old answers by the way). You can also see the series in whole from last time here and of course last week's Weekly Wondering here.


Friday, 25 August 2017

My Disney Media Collection

It was only in May of last year that I originally shared my Disney media collection - that is books and movies - but what with settling in this house and getting more jobs meaning I had a little more money coming in, I've been able to grow my collection a little.
That and the fact I missed some things out last time has led me to want to share a little update. Again, like last time, I'll state that I know it's not a huge collection by any means and alongside the fact I am also not bragging in any way, shape or form.

I slavvered on enough in the previous post about my collection and you can see from the photos what there is, so I'll keep text to a minimum.
The majority of my media buys are secondhand, new releases mainly making up my brand new buys. I have the full animated classics collection and have for quite a while now so the only additions to that are the newest movies - same goes for the Pixar section. But when it comes to my live action movies that is something that is taking a while to bulk up with only owning around 170-180 out of 17,000,000 possible movies... 0_o I feel that I've got most of the 'easy' ones to find and even some that are more difficult and now I'm at the 'only available in region 1' or 'need to take out a loan' categories.
As for my VHS' they haven't changed since last year so have a look here to see them!

I thought I'd just pop this in at the end of this post but I've been struggling a little with everything lately so I may be having a slight break from the blog. There may still be a couple of odd posts if I have the time but I just can't push myself anymore. <3

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Feeding the Seals at Eyemouth

A weekend or two ago (I dunno, I barely know the day these days...they all blur into one) my good pal Laura popped up to visit for the day so I could meet her new other half. We ended up heading out to Eyemouth for a bit. It's only 15mins from mine but is a good change of scenery and I always enjoy a walk around the harbour.
We ended up feeding the seals, having a wander and watching the fishing boats come in. I took a few photos so thought I'd share them. Time is short just now so I didn't edit them more than cropping and watermarking so yeah, sorry not sorry. :)

You might see from the photos, one of the seals' eyes look different. That's because he's blind and actually can't see the fish. When feeding them you had to make a noise, splashing the fish for him, so he could get to it!
There were 3 seals there that day but the blind guys got the majority of the feed. The little guy on the first photo after the text is a young one who didn't even attempt to come over for food - I assume he's a little intimidated by the big guy. Then there is the chillest dude, the one who looks like he's sleeping in the photo with the young gull. Those two guys were clever and waited until the fishing boats came in, followed them and got some scraps from the fishermen. It's always a joy seeing the seals and although we get them in Berwick too, we don't have a designated point to feed them like Eyemouth. Apparently, Laura had never seen seals in the wild either so that was cool.

We ended the trip with a quick whizz round the arcade. Has to be done when you're at the seaside! It was a good day.

Monday, 21 August 2017

YouTube Videos You Need To See #32

Man! It's already been almost a year since I posted the last in this series, and at the time I thought it would be the end of it altogether. However, considering the reason I started it in the first place way back in October 2013, I thought it was needed again.
What with terror attacks and hate crime dominating the news, happening so often it's almost second nature, I wanted to bring this back to share the good, inspirational, cute and just all around fun that I've found online recently.
I hope you enjoy, shed a tear, and crack a smile.

Scotty Cranmer is a pro BMX rider. With a partner who was in the Skate and BMX scene I get introduced to people like this from time to time but about a year ago when Scotty rescued a stray dog from the side of the road, I subscribed to his YouTube and became quite the fan of him and his friends. They're just good people who are good fun, ya know.
Then a video popped up saying he'd had an accident. It was bad and he was Paralyzed. Now, not even a year later he's worked so hard and gotten back on his bike!! Please watch and see the insanity that he had to go through and just how amazingly he has done. What a dude.

Okay, so this is an old one but with all the school talk right now I thought it was important to share. I feel super strong about this subject and am not embarrassed to say that the first time I watched it I shed a tear. Its actually rather poignant and in a way sad when you pay close attention to the lyrics and understand how it applies to you and your kids.
Let me know how you feel about this in the comments. I really think something needs to change...and soon.

Since finding Miyam Bialik's channel on YouTube I've become a big, big fan of her! Not only is she funny, a talented actress and a smart-ass woman of STEM, she discusses a lot of pretty important and intertesing subjects in many of her videos. This subject inparticluar struck a cord with me because in the community I'm in (in reference to twitter/blogging etc) my opinions usually are the unpopular ones and for once someone shared my thoughts!

Don't even get me started on this babe!! Ahhh if I could marry a celebrity I'd be Adore Delano - I'm just obsessed and I'm a f**king Libra too :P haha. Like look how amazing she looks and listen to that voice. I enjoy Adore's previous music but this new style rings a lot more true to her I think, it's so good!
I know this one isn't a tear jerker or an startling subject but these are videos I feel people need to see, for whatever reason and this reason is awesome music.

That's it for this month! Those of you that remember the series in the first place, how do you feel about me bringing it back? Noobs - do you  like it? I'm glad it's back either way haa!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Weekly Wondering // Week 33

Hello :) For the explanation of what is going on here, please do click here and have a quick read.
Other than that, in short, I am answering 7 of these 365 thought provoking questions each week until I complete the year. I already did this in 2013 and am revisiting them to compare my answers.

What is your saddest memory?
Deaths probably. I'm sure they are for most people. My Granda on my Mam's side and my Grandma on my Dad's side. Of course all of my late pets too because those effected me a lot with someone who I'd spend time with every single day just not being there anymore. I wish the Philosopher's Stone was real...

What would you like to change?
The world!! Climate change, laws on animal abuse/explotation/murder etc, how one country can have an obsesity epidemic while others are dying from starvation, pollution, resuable energy. I could go on but I'm sure you get my point. We need world leaders who would rather hang off every word of an old book out, and ones who understand and believe in science and the future of our planet, in!!!

How many people do you love?
I dunno, I hate people.

What's the best decision you've ever made?
Getting Baker. And leaving my ex. :)

What’s your favorite true story that you enjoy sharing with others?
I haven't a clue. I don't share stories with people, as far as I know. I wonder what I said last time for this question haha.

Right now, at this moment, what do you want most?
For TalkTalk to stop effing me over and sort out my mobile bill. I'm currently on the online chat thing with them so I'll update you momentarily.
Update: of course I am no further forward and due to an issue on their end that is in no way my fault I am having to pay double what I should be. Yay! Visit to my orchard of money trees it is!

What are you waiting for? How are you writing your life's story?
I'm waiting for good things, because they come to those who wait. I don't write it, it's already been written I think...I just take it day by day.

 Make sure to look back on this same post from 2013/14 here, and see the differences in my answers! (I completed writing this before checking back to my old answers by the way). You can also see the series in whole from last time here and of course last week's Weekly Wondering here.


Friday, 18 August 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017 - Part 1

Three months later and I've finally carved some time out to get started with editing the rest of the photos from my Disneyland Paris 2017 trip. I already shared a post just of our meet and greets and two posts full of Disney Stars on Parade photography, but these are the general snaps from AM to PM.
We arrived on the night of Monday May 1st, slept and was up sharp for our first day in the parks on Tuesday the 2nd. I'm always an early bird but we got up extra early confused by the time on our hotel easy pass meaning we got to the gates way before anyone, after having strolled through a complete ghost town-esque Disney Village. However, that did mean we were the first people into the park. I've never been first in so it was a cool experience...apart from the when the other people behind started running down Main Street as if Walt Disney himself was standing in front of the castle or something.

We just took it all in our stride and had a slow wander in, took a few photos without hundereds of people ruining them and then got in the queue to wait for the boss' missus coming out...

So, if you read my character meet and greet post you'll know all about my emotional break down with Minnie. It was quite bad actually, the worst I've ever been with a character but I'm not gonna talk anymore about that when it's on the other post. We went straight from meeting Minnie to queue for Chip and Dale, which was another amazing meet, then quickly popped into the store when it opened to grab our photopass and autograph books before tagging on the end of Goofy and Pluto's queue.
Weridly there wasn't many people waiting to meet them at all and sadly they didn't have a photo pass photographer. It was yet another fab meet though and it was so cool to see Laura (my friend who I was on the trip with...duh) meeting characters for the first time. Pluto accidently knocked her ears off when they hugged and it made a funny interaction when he picked them up and put them on his nose <3

As you'll see in between character photos - and you'll know if you've seen my 2014 and 2016 series of posts - I am obsessed with details and enjoyed taking them all in while we waited. Interesting fact is the 'Pyewacket' window is in dedication to Walt's nephew Roy Edward Disney (son of his brother, the co-founder of The Disney Company, Roy O. Disney). Pyewacket and 'capt.' are a nod at his love for sailing, his yacht actually baring the name Pyewacket. Roy was a very important part of Disney history, what with being vice chairman of The Walt Disney Company and chairman of Walt Disney Feature Animation and all! If you know of him you'll know the other imporant things he has done in 'saving Disney'.

I think we'll leave this part here. FYI, all the photos in this post with characters are ones not included in the meet and greet post ;)
I'm really looking forward to getting through the rest of the images I took and sharing them with you!

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