Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A Day in My Life // July

Sunday, 9th July.
A Day in My Life.

This month's 'day in photos' is rather the contrast to last month. Not only was I super prepared and had a specific day chosen, it was also a busy day at a special event that (although I love doing) mentally drains me more than it does physically due to my stress being around other people. It wasn't a day of work and then being in the comfort of my own home but it was a good one none the less. Come see what we got up to...

1 // Even on special Sunday's I still have work first!
2 // As our train wasn't until about 5 to 10, we popped into Caffe Nero to fuel up.
3 // I never pass up the opportunity to make birdy friends, and this little Wagtail was very friendly on our way to the station.
4 // En route to Newcastle...the clouds weren't looking promising!
5 // We're here! I always love the stuff about the history of the station. Wish more people took notice.

6 // Year 7 of Race for Life is here!
7 // Adored this group of singers supporting all of the run/jog/walkers <3
8 // Got to take time to photograph the wildlife of course.
9 // 52 minutes from when we crossed the start line, we crossed the finish. It would have been less if I didn't stop to take photos haha. But we walk it to raise money, not to make times.
10 // Happy this years medals are back to proper medals as opposed to dog tags.

11 // After a quick change of clothes, we're on the bus out to the Metrocentre.
12 // Obviously Primark was the first stop...
13 // Yes, more birdies <3 Just a lovely young starling chilling in a car park, not really the safest place.
14 // It was a bit of a mission to get to Ikea without a car - it was expected - but we got there and they had what I needed in stock. Success!

15 // Back to the train station and ready to head home after a long day and lots of walking.
16 // Magically back home with a click of my Disney plastered heels ;)
17 // Despite being knackered, I couldn't help myself but get into my new Ikea buys and finnnnally frame some prints.
18 // And up the dancers to bed I go...

Zzzzz. Then it was sleep! I love sleeping. Especially after such a long busy day. I'd love to see what you got up to in July so leave me links of your posts similar to this! See you next month!


  1. What a busy day. Congratulations on your Race for Life! The Disney plasters are hilarious, I like them a lot. :)

    1. Thank you very much! And they are the only plasters I use :P


  2. Looks like a great day! Nothing beats travelling and shopping. Congrats on the Race For Life - that's such a great achievement

  3. Oh those posters look great in the frames! I love the Adventure Isle one.

    1. I'll have to show you them on the wall next time were on Hangouts!


  4. Wow, what a busy day! I know what you mean about finding being around lots of people draining. I'm exactly the same. Congrats on completing your 7th Race For Life - that's amazing <3 x x

    1. Yeah, I'm not a fan of being around a lot of people. It's bad enough even just walking to work haha!
      Thank you!!


  5. Always love these posts Danielle! I love the Disney plasters for your heels after the run and well done to you for doing it again too, you're amazing. Love the shot of the wagtail as well. - Tasha