Friday, 11 August 2017

Disney Pins & Plushes I NEED!

Okay so 'need' should probably be replaced with 'want', but it's an extremely strong want. Like a 'really, really, really want'. So technically need. Right? haha You fellow Disney collectors know where I am coming from. Our collections are never complete and there are always those few specific things you'd give your left arm for (maybe not literally...).
My collection is rather specific, as in I don't just collect anything and everything, Disney. I collect books, movies, artwork, soft toys (yes I called them plushes in the title but it just sounded better than soft toys) and pins, mainly. My book and movie sections are the ones I put most time, effort and money into but when it comes to pins I'm a noob, only getting ones relating to my Disneyland Paris trips and soft toys I stick to special limited edition or different ones that mean something to me. I haven't done any 'wish list' posts or similar in a long time and had the idea if I shared some of the specific things I'm looking for then perhaps one of you experts could point me in the right direction? If not it's still fun to write them down, just like circling the things I wanted for Xmas as a kid in the Argos catalogue.

With pins you can easily go overboard, so I purposely refrain myself and stick to 3 main groups. Year of my visit, the hotel I stayed at and special moments ie. Anniversaries, shows etc. These are the handful I'm still on the hunt for.

Year pin from 1996 - Any style possible to be honest. I haven't seen any at all so don't even know if they exisit...though the obviously do. It was my first ever trip for my 6th birthday so very special indeed.

Mickey's Magical Party Yellow Pin - My first 'adult' visit was in early 2010 when the MMP was on and the pins were sold out! I've seen one on eBay once but it was extortionate and I'm poor.

Mickey & Friends Spinner Year pin from 2010 - I actually have this and I was stupid enough to have it pinned to my bag for my 2014 DLP trip where it came off during baggage scanning at the airport and broke. I have the main pieces but lost the actual spinning part and it makes me sad because it was my first spinner and I loved it.

Disney Dreams Peter Pan pin - Not the Olaf one because I'm not Frozen's biggest fan. Gotta commemorate the first Disney night time spectacular I ever saw and loved.

Year pin from 2016
- Again, just whatever I'm not too fussy. I saw a nice Chip and Dale one online that was quite nice. What annoys me is they bring out the next again years pins at like Halloween, so our Christmas 2016 trip there were only 2017 pins :s Stupid.

Soft Toys.

Ortensia, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's Girlfriend - Have you seen her? I was so excited when Oswald (my actually fave next to Mickey for like 10 years) finally got released in DLP and they have Ortensia in the US so here's hoping she flys over and I can reunite her and Oswald in June <3

Minnie as Sally
- Lesson learnt: when there is a pair, always get both. I got Tink Minnie in 2010 and only managed to get Peter Mickey in 2014 thankfully. I got Jack Mickey in 2014 and have regretted not getting his Sally ever since.

Mickey Mouse Palace Guard - Passed on picking him up in London for my 20th birthday then the next time I visited (December 2015) the Disney Store had changed and stocked nothing!! He came online recently but is sold out again. Here's hoping I can eventually show the posh guy what the North is like haha.

Captain Jack/Pirate Mickey - Another of the Mickey dressed as someone else and again another I wish so much I'd just bought on my previous 2 DLP trips. He looked so cool and we love pirates in this house. Anyone know if he's still for sale in the park?

Clown Dumbo
- Not limited edition, not special per say, but I have wanted him ever since I spied him in the Disney Store and really hope to bring him home one day before he is no longer for sale.

Yeah, they are the top 10 things on my ISO* list! I know some are able to be found on eBay and stuff but am I heck paying £50 for a soft toy :) Luckily there is no time scale to collections and my aim is just to be able to add these things to my collection eventually. If you happen to have any of the pins for sale or know somewhere I can find them that won't mean I need to stop eating for a month to afford them, let me know.
I wanna know what are the main 3 things you would love to add to your collection. And, well, what is it you collect?!

[*this apparently means 'in search of'. I found that out while Googling shorthand I saw on Twitter. Personally I'd assume it was the sensitivity to light on a camera, but hey ho, I'm cool and use shorthand ;) lol]


  1. When I went in late June they still had Pirate Mickey if that helps! I hope you can reunite Oswald and Ortensia soon <3

    Paris x

    1. Here's hoping he's still there next June when I'm back...eek! Did you notice if there was a Minnie pirate too or not?
      Thank you!


  2. I loved this post, as I only just recently discovered the Disney pins phenomenon and they're all so cute. I love the look of the Peter Pan one you mentioned and I hope you can find one to replace the other pin you lost too. I love the Minnie as Sally plush, it looks adorable and I hope you can find one as it'll look adorable with your Mickey as Jack one too. - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Yeah they are fab but you can easily go overboard with how many cool ones there are haha. Have to stop myself or I'd be bankrupt!