Friday, 4 August 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017 // Disney Stars on Parade pt.2

As the 'pt.2' in the title suggests, this is a follow on from this post here so be sure to check that one out first and read all about my emotional breakdown before carrying on. Done it? All caught up? Right. So at this point I'm still doing the worst ugly cry sobbing that I ever have in public before. People around me are still confused as to what the heck is going on with me and I'm in my own little world with my eyes darting everywhere to try and take in every part of the insanely beautiful floats and costumes, through the wall of tears half obscuring my view.
Like I mention in the part 1 post aswell, my photos suffered throughout the whole parade as I was trying to watch with my eyes and experience it for the first time in person, rather than through my camera. As it drew to an end the weather closed in too, darkening the photos and did I change settings? No I did not! ha Either way, I am so happy to have the few shots I do have because it was one heck of memory. Let's get into them...

I really hadn't allowed myself to see anything online about this parade before getting to see it in person, minus the dragon as it was obviously used in a lot of promotion and difficult to avoid. Therefore when the Finding Nemo/Dory float rounded the corner I was shocked at how good it was...well that it was there at all too to be fair. Always nice to see a different film get some airtime.
The dragon, although I was expecting it, did actually make me 'wow' out loud and cry even more if that was possible haha! Seeing this, even more characters acknowledged me (if you read part 1 you will know why I say 'even more'). Each one of the Princes either winked and waved or blew a kiss as they passed and that beautiful blue fairy whizzed over to ask, 'why are you crying my dear?!' to which I replied in a brilliant stutter, 'because you are so beautiful'. Obviously, that was true but I was mainly crying because I was overwhelmed at how truly amazing this parade was and that I was there in person, getting to see it.
Overall, I have never had a parade make such an impression on me which I was surprised about having loved the previous 2 parades so much. The only thing that could top it is if they bring Main Street Electrical Parade back. 1996 was the first and last time I saw that in person but it holds great memories. So yeah. Enough rambling, hope you liked these photos.

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  1. It's really lovely. I like the cartoon-like horses and carriages the most. Cute!

  2. Well you still managed to get some great pictures through your veil of tears! :D
    It's so adorable that the characters interacted with you throughout the parade! x

    1. Ah thank you, I wish they had been better but they'll do!
      I was very lucky because they didn't do it to many.


  3. Awww, Danielle these photos are gorgeous! I love the costumes and all of the colours here. And don't worry about being emotional, I think when you get to be somewhere that you adore as this as this place it can overwhelm you and I'd be the same. Love the fact the characters were so kind and came over to speak to you too! Love the design for the dragon too - wow! - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Aren't they all insane?! So, so, so pretty!!
      Ask Kerri what I was like in December! Then times it by like 5 ha. I was a whole other level of emotional this time.



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