Monday, 21 August 2017

YouTube Videos You Need To See #32

Man! It's already been almost a year since I posted the last in this series, and at the time I thought it would be the end of it altogether. However, considering the reason I started it in the first place way back in October 2013, I thought it was needed again.
What with terror attacks and hate crime dominating the news, happening so often it's almost second nature, I wanted to bring this back to share the good, inspirational, cute and just all around fun that I've found online recently.
I hope you enjoy, shed a tear, and crack a smile.

Scotty Cranmer is a pro BMX rider. With a partner who was in the Skate and BMX scene I get introduced to people like this from time to time but about a year ago when Scotty rescued a stray dog from the side of the road, I subscribed to his YouTube and became quite the fan of him and his friends. They're just good people who are good fun, ya know.
Then a video popped up saying he'd had an accident. It was bad and he was Paralyzed. Now, not even a year later he's worked so hard and gotten back on his bike!! Please watch and see the insanity that he had to go through and just how amazingly he has done. What a dude.

Okay, so this is an old one but with all the school talk right now I thought it was important to share. I feel super strong about this subject and am not embarrassed to say that the first time I watched it I shed a tear. Its actually rather poignant and in a way sad when you pay close attention to the lyrics and understand how it applies to you and your kids.
Let me know how you feel about this in the comments. I really think something needs to change...and soon.

Since finding Miyam Bialik's channel on YouTube I've become a big, big fan of her! Not only is she funny, a talented actress and a smart-ass woman of STEM, she discusses a lot of pretty important and intertesing subjects in many of her videos. This subject inparticluar struck a cord with me because in the community I'm in (in reference to twitter/blogging etc) my opinions usually are the unpopular ones and for once someone shared my thoughts!

Don't even get me started on this babe!! Ahhh if I could marry a celebrity I'd be Adore Delano - I'm just obsessed and I'm a f**king Libra too :P haha. Like look how amazing she looks and listen to that voice. I enjoy Adore's previous music but this new style rings a lot more true to her I think, it's so good!
I know this one isn't a tear jerker or an startling subject but these are videos I feel people need to see, for whatever reason and this reason is awesome music.

That's it for this month! Those of you that remember the series in the first place, how do you feel about me bringing it back? Noobs - do you  like it? I'm glad it's back either way haa!


  1. Oh I love boyinaband - he makes some amazing videos, especially his I'm Not Dead one, that always gets me because I've definitely been there but you're so right, the Don't Stay In School one is perfect and so true too. The first one, going from being injured like that to back to riding his BMX is so inspirational too - it made me cry! - Tasha