Monday, 11 September 2017

Project 365 // August Summary

Top 3 Photos -

Top 5 Moments -
Meeting my best pals new partner & our day out at Eyemouth.
A full month of binge watching RPDR.
As always, a lot of time spent with the birds.
Baker turned 5!!!
Getting my eye issues rectified.

This Month in Previous Years -

Pop on over to Underland 2 Wonderland to keep up with my daily photo project. New posts go up there every Tuesday! (Although what with my absesnse from blogging just now, they have been a little sporadic). Link your photography projects in the comments so I can check them out too :)


  1. That shot of the bumblebee against the yellow of those flowers is just gorgeous! Stunning as always Danielle. <3 - Tasha

  2. Your photos are always goals! Happy birthday Baker, you stunning fella <3 x x

    1. Oh I dunno about that haha.But thank you. And thanks again! His bday photos should be up soon.