Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Disney Q&A #3

I really enjoy doing Q&A's, despite not being a celeb or anything, especially Disney focused ones so thought it was about time for another since the other was back on the very 1st of May! I asked on both Facebook and Twitter numerous times but only got responses on twitter, so the questions below will have the 'ask-er's Twitter handle and blog link if applicable. Thanks to those who asked stuff! There were yet more great questions this time around.

Tasha  //   Twitter   //   Blog

When is your favourite time of year to visit DLP? 
Any time that it is warm! haha I have only visited during the end of February / start of March, May, October and the end of November / start of December but May and October have been the best for me. What with all my ailments the cold weather isn't great and puts a proper downer on my trips. However, I do love when it rains at Disneyland because it is usually a lot quieter with less locals and people with kids staying indoors.

Is there a fairy tale or type of story you'd love to see Disney transform into a film?
Dracula. Not really, ha, I'm just reading that just now so it came to mind. Hmm... After the BFG I'd really like to see more classic books from the likes of Roald Dahl, Edith Nesbit, Enid Blyton, Frances Hodgson Burnett and way more turned into beautiful live action pictures. Of course I also wanted to see the full Narina series but we know what happened there...

Nicola  //    Twitter   //   Blog

What is the number one item on your Disney bucket list?
This is such a difficult question. There were two things at the very top but they are 100% impossible and will never happen for me (going to the WDF museum and doing the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour) so I'll choose something a little more realistic. You know what, probably just to meet Oswald (and get a nice photo which is easier said than done with my mug) and to finish my mission of staying in all of the DLP Disney hotels. After I stay at New York next year that only leaves Davy Crockett Ranch which will be for my 30th and Newport Bay.

Rachel Bell    //   Twitter   //   Blog

What are your favourite DLP snacks/treats? 
I haven't really tried many because I'm not a huge eater when I'm at Disney. Probably the most basic chocolate muffin from Cable Car bake shop, the Mickey head muffin thingys and slush!

What do you always buy as a souvenir?
Every year since 1996 I've gotten a soft toy - usually something specific to the season or a limited edition one if available. Since 2010 (my first adult trip) I have always gotten a pin of the year and hotel I stayed in. And lastly, the only other thing I have gotten every single trip is a magnet! haha
(FYI, there are a couple things I need Pin and Soft Toy wise, so if you are selling or know anywhere I can get my hands on them check out this blog post)

Favourite parade (ever)? 
Main Street Electrical Parade. Sadly I only saw it once, when I was 6, but watched it many a time on our home video after that. I love the music, the 90's -ish-ness, just all of it. I wish they'd bring it back, although I dunno when they'd do it with Illuminations.

Favourite counter service place? 
Like I said I'm not the biggest food fan, however, if I had to choose I'd say Pizzeria Bella Notte, Restaurant en Coulisse and Café Hyperion! Mainly for the details of themeing and the atmosphere.

Favourite shop? 
All of them!! haha particular I find myself drawn to the likes of Sir Mickey's Boutique, Flora's, Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building and Les Légendes d'Hollywood - again, like above, mainly for their themeing but I think these tend to be the main places I spend money in really.

Favourite DLP season? 
This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!! I have never been for actual Halloween because I purposely avoid the busiest times but as my Birthday is October 12th, I've been during that week in both 1996 and 2014 annnd will be back in 2020 for my 30th. I love everything about it. The weather, the parade, the decor, the meets, the colours, yaasss.
My least favorite is Christmas because it's just so cold it takes out all of the enjoyment of a trip, the Christmas fireworks sucked (I would have rather gotten to see Dreams one last time) and I'm just not a huge Christmas fan. The parade and meets were cute though.

Vinylmation or Funko?
Neither! Nor Tsum Tsums. I've never been a fan of any of them!

Mark Brown   //    Twitter    //   Blog
Would you ever marry into the Disney family to be a part of the amazing legacy that is Disney?
Haha, I guess if the opportunity arose? I wouldn't do it just for the sake of becoming a Disney, if you get what I mean, I would have to actually 'love' the person obviously!! It would be amazing. Just to have the name more than anything...maybe it'd help get me a foot in the door of making movies.

Sarah Robertson  //  Twitter  //  Blog

Are there any stories you would like Disney to do that they haven't already?
So many! I am a giant fan of the 'Oz the Great and Powerful' movie they did and they also have 'Return to Oz' so although many will disagree, I would really love to see a Disney version of the original 'Wizard of Oz'...goodness knows who'd play Dorothy though, Judy's shoes are pretty special ones to try and fill.

Are there any stories they have done that you'd change?
I don't think so. I usually trust all of the Walt Disney Companies decisions and have adored every 'remake'/re-imagining they have done and there are very few from the whole movie canon that I dislike.

 Sebastian Leaver   //  Twitter

What cartoon would you like to become live action? And vice-versa.
I hope to see the whole of the animated classics canon turn into live action re-imaginings at some point. I think those that have been done so far have been beyond epic and to see the vast majority of them, (especially, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Sword in the Stone, The Black Cauldron, Tarzan, Atlantis, Brother Bear and Bolt) in a similar fashion would be wonderful.
As for live action to animation that's a little more difficult. Maybe a Herbie movie? Or something like Narnia? I dunno. I prefer the live action canon, that isn't a secret and I think it's much easier to convert an animation to LA than the other way around. You could say Homeward Bound, Greyfriars Bobby, That Darn Cat etc but I don't know how much they would stand out with there being movies like Oliver and Company, Aristocats and the like which may compare too much? What do you reckon? This could be a whole post just discussing that haha!

Thank you so, so much to all who asked such brilliant questions! It was a lot of fun answering these as of course I love to think and talk about anything and (almost) everything Disney. My next trip is in June 2018 and there will probably be another of these posts around April/May so if you have anything to ask about how we plan trips, specifics of the trip or anything else please do pop me some Q's!


  1. I love that you did this little Q&A! It's a great way to learn about you and Disney!

  2. Oh my gosh a live action Sword in the Stone would be amazing, I would be so up for that! I think Halloween would be my favourite season at DLP too and I imagine it does look amazing when it rains, but like you I bet sunny weather is best. Dracula would be amazing, done in the Disney style, but yes, completely agree, some of the original children's classics, disneyfied, would be awesome. - Tasha

    1. Wouldn't it?! Well fingers crossed you'll be with us for Halloween 2020 and you'll see for yourself! :)


  3. Last time we went to DLP was Halloween - that was FIVE YEARS AGO, I just found the pictures recently! Really past due another trip! x

    1. I reckon you should book for June 2018.

      And I wanna see your photos!!