Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017 - Part 2

I never meant for it to be so long between posts, but it's been almost 2 months since I posted part 1 and that means like 5 months since the actual trip. As a quick catch up, this was a super flying visit - my shortest ever Disney visit infact - staying only 2 nights and having 2 days in the park. To catch up fully and find out how our day started out you'd be best giving this post the quick once over and then I'll continue.
We rejoin the day at only 10am-ish, still the full day to go as extra magic hours are just that and a huge advantage seeing as by this point we'd already ticked off 3 meet and greets with 5 characters!
Having a slow wander down the happiest Main Street on Earth, I took a couple photos of the 25th decor and my favorite go-to photo spots, while headed for Frontierland and the traditional first ride of the trip...

I think that'll do for part 2. It's a shorter one but I took way less photos than I usually do and the next bunch need to stick together! As if it wasn't surreal enough to be in Disneyland with one of my best pals, to do Phanom Manor with her was insane. It's my favorite ride and yes, it is outdated blah blah blah, but I just looovvve everything about it so to see someone else experience it for the first time is the best.
I bet a lot of other fans or people who visit a lot do this too, but once we were inside I edged Laura to the door of the lift before it opened so we'd be first in and then again toward the exit door so we could race along and be first on hahaha. Childish, petty or sad - you decide! If we'd had more time we'd have gone on again but hey ho two day trip :(
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  1. Ooh, Frontierland looks really interesting! Glad you had fun on your fleeting visit! x x

    1. It's my favorite land Aimee! I'd live there happily haha.


  2. I think Phantom Manor is my favourite too!

    1. It's just brilliant. Does need it's update though!


  3. Oh I love these posts so much Danielle! Phantom Manor just looks amazing. You always take such stunning shots while you're at DLP! - Tasha


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