Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017 - Part 3

One of my all time favorite things at Disneyland Paris is the Molly Brown Paddle Steamer and the Rivers of the Far West in general. They encompass everything I treasure at home (nature, wildlife etc) but have that Disney flare...obviously.
On each trip (well, most trips) I like to make sure I hitch a ride on the back of good old Molly at least once, and seeing as this visit was in May - therefore blessing us with beautiful weather - we made it our second attraction of the day.
Here are some shots I snapped along the way.

How exciting it was to witness the rivers during birdy breeding season. I will be doing a separate post of all the birding images I took at DLP over my previous two trips, however I just had to pop a couple in here. Just look at them! Canada Geese with chicks, Mallard chicks, a Coot with her babies, a georgous Heron and even a Canada Goose on her nest of eggs!
I could go round and round on that boat all day, waving at people on Big Thunder Mountain and taking photos. Although I have to admit I was a little dissapointed the gysers weren't working. I was under the impression that they had been repaired during all of the refurb  and was looking forward to seeing them in action for the first time since 1996. One day maybe!

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  1. A little bit of home, but at Disney - beautiful captures.

  2. All those sunny photos just have to excited for our trip next year!

    1. I know eh?! Be so nice to be there in summerrrr!!!


  3. Gorgeous photos! What a lovely experience on the boat :) x x

  4. Absolutely stunning photos! I can see why this is one of your favourite parts of it, and all of the birds around just make it even better! Love this post! - Tasha

  5. As usual, absolutely beautiful pictures! I've never been on the boat!