Friday, 13 October 2017

Quarterly Collective Haul // July - September 2017

It's that time again! Time to scramble around my house trying to remember everything I have been so lucky to purchase or receive in the previous three months, take photos of them and post them on my blog. I really appreciate and am thankful for every possession that comes into my life so documenting them means I don't forget or take any of it for granted. After having worked so hard the last few months it's been pretty cool to be able to buy things I haven't been in the position to for quite a few years. Anyway, this is what I've bought during July, August and September.

Although this is a lot of new clothing to me, I know it's probably one weeks worth for many fashionistas! It is also all from Primark (I may have 3 jobs but I'm still not made of money haha) minus the boots which were 20% off in New Look :) I don't often shop at New Look these days as, I don't think any of you know, I used to work for them and had a pretty bad experience so tend to stay clear of all of their stores. :P

We've got a nice little DVD and book haul this time around too, though as usual the vast percentage are second hand. 1 of the books and 4 of the DVDs were brand new but then again the DVDs were still on offer haha. Frugal shmugal me!
Disney DVDs are proving harder and harder to get my hands on so I've worked on animated sequels recently. It's pretty rubbish how many of the live action catalog are not available on region 2, plus there are some rarer movies that cost up to £100+ which is insane. Boo.

Lastly are the odd bits like homeware and stuff. I think the Bambi pillow and Simba and Hufflepuff throws were pretty much from the begining of July as it's been a long time since I got those. So much so that I haven't even gotten to use the Hufflepuff throw yet, it's been sat still wrapped up, in the spare room, because I wanted to photograph it like that before using it ha!
The final random bits are a beautiful ceramic bunny who joins the rest of my woodland ornaments, some super cool freaky 'changing' portraits from Poundland that I framed in cheap B&M frames and a of couple new Halloween candle holders - the pumpkin and skull from Poundland, the big black 'cauldron' like one from B&M.

See you in Jan for the 'big' one of the year which will include my birthday stuff, London trip souvineers and Christmas bits.

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  1. Five Children and It is an amazing book! Such fond memories of that book. Hope you enjoy it. I can't believe the next haul I read from you will be Christmas and birthday! How time flies. x x

    1. I look forward to getting to it! haha. I'm busy working on the Bastable series first then have the Psammead series to get onto! Can't say I have a lack of books to read...and I'm still buying them :S
      I know eh? This year has disappeared...


  2. Always enjoy these posts of yours Danielle. Love the little pumpkin you have, so cute and those Fantastic Beasts bits you got are so pretty. I finally saw the film about a month ago, and really enjoyed it! Love the book haul too. Five Children & It is a great book, one of my favourites! - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Oh did you?? I think I might like that movie better than the HP series!