Friday, 6 October 2017

What I Watched in September

Ahh well, after realizing last month that I need to watch approximately 43 movies per month until the end of the year if I want to reach my original goal...this month ended up being one of my worst!  Worst watch wise total I mean. I'm not even too sure why...although I guess the first couple weeks of September was when my main 'down time from everything in life' was happening haha.
So it looks like I'll have to lower my goal and aim just to match last year. Nevermind. Still check below as there were some cool movies this month!

❤ Loved
⭐️ Liked
☁️ Indifferent
⚡️ Disliked
💔 Hated

Sept 1st.
Paris is Burning [1991] ⭐️
Ru Paul's Drag Race S9E1-4 [2017] ❤

Sept 2nd.
Ru Paul's Drag Race S9E5-7 [2017] ❤

Sept 3rd.
Ru Paul's Drag Race S9E8-12 [2017] ❤

Sept 5th.
Sing Street [2016] ⭐️
Hurricane Bianca [2016] ❤

Sept 6th.
Ru Paul's Drag Race: All Stars S2E1-9 [2016] ❤

Sept 7th.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [2007] ❤
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [2009] ❤

Sept 10th.
Little Evil [2017] ❤
Greenberg [2010] 💔
Bridge to Terabithia [2007] ⭐️

Sept 11th.
The Little Prince [1974] ⭐️

Sept 13th.
The Right Kind of Wrong [2013] ☁️

Sept 14th.
Dressed As A Girl [2015] ⭐️

Sept 16th.
Nim's Island [2008] ⭐️

Sept 17th.
The Spiderwick Chronicals [2008] ☁️
The D-Train [2015] ⭐️

Sept 19th.
I Am Devine [2013] ⭐️

Sept 20th.
Big Momma's House [2000] ⭐️

Sept 22nd.
First Sunday [2008] ❤
Bernie [2011] ❤

Sept 23rd.
Little Man [2006] ⭐️
Spy  [2015] ❤
Fuller House S3E1-4 [2017] ❤

Sept 24th.
Almost Adults [2016] ⚡️
Fuller House S3E5-9 [2017] ❤
The Golden Compass [2007] ⭐️
School of Rock [2003] ❤

Sept 25th.
Big Momma's House 2 [2006] ⭐️

Sept 26th.
Big Momma's: Like Father Like Son [2011] ⭐️
The Out List [2013] ❤
Unfinished Business [2015] ⭐️

Sept 27th.
Opening Night [2016] 💔

Sept 28th.
Narnia and Beyond: The Chronicles of C.S.Lewis [1999] ❤
Getting There [2002] ❤

Sept 29th.
The Truth About Alcohol [2016] ❤
Mala Mala [2014] ⭐️

Sept 30th.
Gaga: Five Foot Two [2017] ❤
Beauty Shop [2005]
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 [2010]
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 [2011]

Overall Movie total - 36
Previously Unseen total - 28
Cinema total - 0
Disney total - 0
TV Series total - 3

Yearly total so far - 363
Yearly unseen - 224

Top 5 Fave Movies of the Month
- Hurricane Bianca
- Little Evil
- First Sunday
- Bernie
- The Truth About Alcohol

You may be able to tell from the list, but around the 20th when I realized I was doing so poorly I attempted to step my game up. I might not have reached the number I'd hoped but 36 isn't too terrible and does bring my overall total to 363, unwatched total being 224, making my unwatched goal a lot closer with only 76 to go in 3 months.
Notice that I didn't watch even one Disney movie this month though? :O Unitentionaland quite unbelieveable...there will be plenty on next month's list thats for sure.
Did you watch anything fun in September?

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  1. Ahhh, Hurricane Bianca! I need to watch it so badly as I love Bianca Del Rio so much, so I'm glad it was on your favourites list here this time around. Also, I have been so bad at commenting and reading your posts recently, so I am trying to catch up now, and have missed them so much. Your blog always makes me smile. <3 - Tasha

    1. It's on Netflix! Go watch it, you should still be able to log into mine yeah?
      Don't even mention that ha - I can't remember the last blog comment I left...I just haven't got the time :(


    2. Ooh I didn't know that! Will make sure I go and watch it! :D