Friday, 3 November 2017

Beautiful Canvas Wall Art from Photowall*

Well, well, well, today is a pretty exciting post!! It's very rarely I ever do posts for specific companies, I'm not that type of blogger. In fact, it's been since November 2016 when I last received an item to review and just like that one, this one is something I would have bought sooner or later anyway.
The wonderful Christine from got in touch last month wondering if I'd like to review a wall mural or a canvas print and of course with my photography background I would be silly to say no to the chance of having one of my photos blown up. A one of my world - Baker - no less.

As someone who has worked in photography since I was 16 years old, I have of course had previous experience with canvases, printing costs and all that comes in between, so my first surprise when familiarizing myself with the website was the super reasonable prices and the one thing everyone loves when purchasing things online... Free EU Delivery!! Extra cool when you know that the company is actually based in the beautiful Sweeden and it's coming all that way. Other words that popped out to me personally were 'environmentally friendly' and 'fantasy'...because yes, they don't just work with your images, but have a whole host (literally hundreds) of pieces of art for you to choose from.
Like I said, and you can see, I chose to immortalize my #1 boy!

Something that probably puts people off systems like this is the 'flatpack' way it comes but, to tell the truth, it was one of my favorite parts! Not only was it incredibly easy to put together with a little concentration, 10 minutes and a Granda to keep the Baker busy, it was so much more convenient in terms of delivery.
I was going to be in London when it arrived (extremely quickly - the order was placed on the 24th and it arrived on the 27th) and had originally given my parents address for shipping so that Dad could take it in, but at the last minute when I received the text to say it was out for delivery, I decided to have it left at a local DPD pick up point in case he wasn't home from work yet. It took maybe 3 clicks and less than 2 minutes to do so from my phone and then the next day I popped by, handed over my name and carried my compact little box home without the to-me to-you hassle if it had been full size.

Above there is included a photo of the assembly instruction sheet. 1 sheet. Simple, basic, easy to follow instructions. None of the 20 page, tiny print confusing stuff. The most difficult part of this whole thing was hanging it on the wall, despite the cool hook that it came with and only because our walls are made of plasterboard - meaning they are not the easiest to hang anything from.

Don't you think it looks amazing?! Baker is very proud :) As am I. I am so, so over the moon with the final product. The quality is second to none that I have encountered, from the framing to the image itself and the customer service to the shipping. Perfect. I'll 100% be back for more in the future, especially for gifts and hopefully to try out a beautiful wall mural or personalized wallpaper once we buy our own house, with the freedom to decorate.

If beautiful photos to treasure forever are up your street make sure to pop over to and check out everything they have to offer. Thanks again, Photowall!

[*This post is not sponsored. I have received no payment for this review and all thoughts are, as always, 100% honest and true. The canvas was provided free of charge for my consideration]


  1. I love the picture and the quality of the canvas is great. I like that is flat-packed, is so much easy to carry. I will have a look on their website, with Christmas approaching, I might get a canvas for my husband.

    1. The flat-packed thing really is awesome. I was presently surprised at how good the quality was for the price, I think I might look into a Christmas present too.


  2. We've just moved into a new place and our walls are bare and this is such a good idea! As Anca said - I love the idea that it's flatpack too. That's the only thing I hate about buying canvas art in a shop as you have to wander around with a big canvas for the rest of the day.

    John ¦ Shout John

    1. Oh did you!! I hope it went well. Haha right? So awkward walking down the street trying not to do a Laurel and Hardy!



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