Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017 - Disney Illuminations pt.1

Last but not least from my May 2017 Disneyland Paris trip are the photos from my first ever viewing of Disney Illuminations - the new nighttime spectacular especially for the 25th anniversary. It's had mixed reviews and most people seem to prefer Dreams, however as much as I also adored Dreams, I think a lot of the reason for that is because we get used to something and miss it when it's gone...just like the parades when they end/change.
I did really enjoy Illuminations, to tell the truth...minus the Star Wars stuff (which I didn't photograph haha) because it still isn't Disney no matter what anyone says. Disney just bought out the company who it belongs to. It's its own fandom, but let's not get into all that again!
Here are some photos from between the tears.

Although like everything else, I didn't take as many photos as I'd have liked due to memory card failure, there are still quite a few so I'll be splitting this into two parts. Until then make sure to catch up on the rest of my photos from this series below!

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  1. These pictures are incredible Danielle! I love the Simba image.

    Jess x

    1. Thank you!! Lion King holds a lot of sentimental value from my childhood so I took loads of photos of that part haha!


  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they?! Nothing beats them in person though, wish I could get photos of exactly what my eyes see if that makes sense haha.


  3. This whole post is just absolute eye candy! You got so many stunning shots here Danielle! Gorgeous! - Tasha