Monday, 20 November 2017

Project 365 // October Summary

Top 3 Photos -
Day 282

Top 5 Moments -
- Spooky decorating! (Blog post here)
- Outlaw King shooting in our town. (Blog post here)
- Halloween Evening at Beamish with Claire. (Blog post here)
- A History of Magic Exhibition at the British Library.
- Dark Arts feature at WB Studio Tour with Mam & Kerri.

This Month in Previous Years -


  1. I'm so jealous that you got to go the WB Studio Tour when they had the Dark Arts feature on. And that you got to go to A History of Magic Exhibition. Lucky! x x

    1. haha It was funny how it happened actually. We booked it way back in like January for my birthday and so chose to go when the Dark Arts was on but had no idea about the exhibition. It was just luck that it was announced that it'd be on while we were down (which never happens) and the day before the studio tour was a free day anyway - so we ended up booking it!
      Are you gonna go see it before it leaves?


  2. So many stunning photos here this month Danielle. I really love the one with the two yellow leaves on the ground, the contrast is gorgeous. - Tasha

    1. Thank you!!! Always enjoy taking photos of random leaves haha. Though, it does make me sad when they all start to die and fall off the trees :(



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