Monday, 27 November 2017

Six Years

Apparently, today marks a full 6 years of Underland to Wonderland...I could have sworn it was more but 6 years is still pretty cool. I wish I had just kept my previous blog and deleted the posts instead of the whole thing as I'd be at almost 10 years now! Anyway, I'm not gonna do a huge big spiel or anything but didn't want to let the day pass without recognising it at all. So here's a quick little sum up of the past 12 months in this blogland.

Most Viewed Posts

Blog aims for 2018
- Get back on a better schedule (I used to always been at least 2 weeks ahead but since starting my 2nd & 3rd jobs I'm only working a post or two in advance)
- Finally, reach 1000 BL followers (highly unlikely as I've been stuck around 800 for 2 years now)
- Just keep going!

Thanks to:
 Mam, Dad & Baker who have always understood, supported and put up with my blog obsession.
Jake, Kerri, Kris, Laura, Claire and anyone else who has been a part of adventures that have been featured here.
For the blog interaction, the following -

It seems from my most viewed and stuff that my Disney type posts are quite popular. Hence why I didn't include too many Dis-themed ones in my 'most enjoyable to write', I wanted to give some others a little air time too haha. It's a given that I enjoy writing my DLP ones of course though. Actually, the post I did about Vegan and Veggie eating at Disneyland Paris last year is one of my top all-time viewed posts ever! Crazy.
I haven't many aims nowadays blogwise because it's literally just my online, interactive diary (as I've said time and time and time again)! Sure it's nice to have made blogging buddies who I can chat with, whose blogs I also like to check out and can discuss posts with - as well as maybe helping with the odd bit of advice ( seems my DLP food post mentioned above must be helpful) but really it's just for future me to look back on eventually.
That's all folks! Oooh, check out the posts I did for both my 'Four Years' and 'Five Years' blogiversaries and thanks again to anyone who stops by here from time to time to read or comment or whatever.


  1. Congratulations on six years of blogging! xx

  2. Congratulations on six years of your amazing blog Danielle! :D Here's to many many more! :)
    & thank you so much for the mention, I am honoured! That has literally made my day! :D


    1. Thank you so much!!
      And of course, thank you for always reading and commenting - that makes my day!


  3. Happy blog birthday! I can't believe that I'm coming up to year three, in May 2018. It's amazing to me that you've been going for six years! I love your blog, and I love supporting it in any way I can. Thank you for mentioning me <3 x x

    1. Thank you!! Oh wow, that's amazing!! It's a nice feeling to reach a blogiversary isn't it?!
      I've actually been blogging around 10 years now which is even crazier haha.
      Of course! You are such an amazing support.


  4. Congratulations on 6 years blogging here... I've been in & out of blogging during that exact time frame, and most definitely haven't stuck to the one platform so that in itself seems amazing to me - I'm pretty settled with my two now though.

    I believe it was actually only just this year that I discovered your blog, but am happy to have done so - I love the joy you spread with your Disney magic & photography. Lovely to have found another 'real person' behind their blog, if you know what I mean!

    To many more years!!

    1. Thanks so much! Oh have you?! I wish we'd discovered each other sooner!!!

      Oh that is such a big compliment - thank you so, so much. That is my aim.

      Thank you...again haha


  5. Awww Danielle, Happy Blogging Birthday! Here's to another amazing 6 years of your wonderful blog. You are truly one of my absolute, all time favourites and hopefully in 2018 I can meet you as well! <3 - Tasha