Friday, 8 December 2017

A Day in My Life // November

Thursday, 30th November.
A Day in My Life.

Not much of an intro this month. I'm sure you understand the concept of a 'day in photos'. This was a day in November.

1 // My morning routine has changed a bit and instead of rolling out of bed and going straight to 1st job, I now wash my face and brush my teeth before absolutly anything else.
2 // All wrapped up in about 5 layers ready to brave the early morning elements.
3 // Work.
4 // On my way home from work and it's obviously still dark. Not a fan.
5 // Baker's new thing is to take his topple into his bed and be a lazy eater in the mornings.
6 // Putting a face on ready to head out again.
7 // The layers are back on, this time more waterproof ready for wetness.

8 // I loooveee to see all the pigeons huddling on the bridge together.
9 // The grey cloud to the right of the blue bit of sky, was snow falling and moving out to sea. 
10 // Not the best weather day for a trek to Argos...
11 // Home and filling the belly. This was tea because I'd had my heart set on soup but our microwave is broken and the pans were in the dishwasher. (Too lazy to handwash after a long day!)
12 // Movie time and a spot of Christmas shopping.
13 // Another lazy moment - just a face wipe tonight...
14 // The best days end in books.

Only one more of these posts to come this year. Insane. See you next month!


  1. Beautiful pictures as per usual!
    You look so toasty in your pictures. I'm always a bit scared about trying non-minty toothpastes. I usually just stick to Superdrugs own. Is this one any good as I need to go to H&B soon to stock up on things?
    I'm guessing you were watching Harry Potter by that blurred steam train on the screen? Either that or The Railway Children.

    Tea in the Tub

    1. Thank you!!
      I may look toasty but I was still freezing haha. The toothpaste just tastes like normal toothpaste but not as strong if that makes sense. I've had the pomegranate one too to get my OH to try as he hates mint but it was still the same as the rest haha.
      Nope! It was actually Five Children and It :)


  2. Love your photos! You make even the most mundane things look interesting with your photography skills. You look so cosy bundled up in all those layers, too! x x

    1. Oh bless you're heart, I dunno about that haha!! I look cosy but I was still freezing :P lol