Friday, 15 December 2017

Awesome Pages for Animal Lovers

I suppose this post might be thought to be a little weird, but the idea popped into my head and I just went with it. Essentially it is an 'index' of sorts, listing some of my favorite pages on Facebook to like photos of cute animals. I'm not a huge Facebook fan in general, well I'm not a social media person overall, but when I am on Facebook it's for these pages listed below!
I've grouped them into sections so as not to overload you with the cuteness....

Sanctuaries, Refuges, Rescues & more

 (Hope for Paws rescues animals who are suffering, facing death or extreme dangerthat nobody else are able to save. We then pay for all medical cost and find the permanent loving home for the pet once it is healed.)

 (We are a small family run sanctuary. We rescue slaughter bound animals and provide a home for pasture sound and unadoptable horses.)

(Esther the Wonder Pig and her Dads rescue and rehabilitate abandoned and abused farmed animals, and spread Esther's style of love and compassion)
(New Jersey's Freedom Farm Animal Rescue is a Nonprofit Organization. Our mission is to provide food, shelter, & veterinary care in a safe secure healthy environment for abused abandon or otherwise homeless farm animals as well as finding new forever homes when appropriate.

 (Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is a Non-Profit Educational Sanctuary for exotic animals as well as farm animals. We also rehab 100s of animals yearly through our Wild Life Rehabilitation program.)

 (While providing a lifetime home for senior dogs, OFSDS strives to raise awareness of the joys and challenges of living with aging dogs. While never forgetting where these dogs have come from, we want to emphasize the positive aspects of their life in retirement.)

 (Secondhand Hounds is a non-profit animal rescue. Our organization provides safe shelter, proper veterinary care and daily necessities for animals at risk, while working hard to find each a permanent, loving home!)

 (Granite Hills Animal Care is a small animal veterinary hospital, helping clients keep the “fur children” healthy and happy with compassionate veterinary care.)
 (Rocky Ridge Refuge is a place of helping and healing for a wide variety of special needs animals that find their way here.)
(The Grey Muzzle Organization improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue organizations, sanctuaries, and other non-profit groups nationwide.)

Individual Animals

(The Happiest Fox Meet Juniper, tame red fox who does everything with a smile.)

(Roadrunner is a little survivor who has touched hearts all over the world! Learn about his story and new, carefree life here!)

(Quasimodo is a German Shepherd Dog who is living his life with Short Spine Syndrome. He is one of only 14 known dogs in the world with this condition.)

(Wrinkles is a rescue dog who was hit by a car and left for dead. But Secondhand Hounds Rescue knew that Wrinkles wasn't ready to give up.)

(Ziggy Trixx is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier trick dog on a mission to improve his breeds image !)

Fun Complimation & User Submit Pages

(UPS drivers deliver packages all day long. During each day, drivers encounter many dogs, most friendly and some not so nice. When time permits, drivers snap a photo and send it in to UPS Dogs.)

(At The Dodo, we’re building a digital brand for everyone who loves animals and cares about their wellbeing. Our goal is to serve up emotionally and visually compelling, highly sharable animal-related stories and videos to as many people as possible to help make caring about animals a viral cause.)

(A project to consolidate otter sightings in Singapore.)

(Pit bulls are the most cuddly, loving, goofiest dogs in the world. No matter what they’ve been through, they LOVE showering their families with unlimited snuggles and silly smiles. Watch Pittie Nation and fall in love with these big-hearted sweeties.)

(Animals know that friendship comes in all shapes, sizes — and even species. Odd Couples is an up-close look at the unique, incredible bonds these unusual BFFs share.)

Organizations & Charities

(Since 2015 the repeal of the Hunting Act has been on the cards. Despite 84% of the British public opposing the cruel and barbaric pastime, Theresa May recently stated that she has always supported fox hunting. Our goal is to ensure the ban on hunting foxes, hares and deer remains in place. Like our page if you agree + join the movement!)

(FOUR PAWS is an animal welfare charity that was founded in 1988 in Austria. FOUR PAWS vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding. FOUR PAWS mission is to be the strong, global and independent voice for animals under human control.)

(The RSPB is the country's largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns, coast and countryside will teem with life once again.)

(The League Against Cruel Sports is a registered charity that brings together people who care about animals. Like the majority of the public, we believe that cruelty to animals in the name of ‘sport’ has no place in modern society.)

(Saving the Survivors aim is to treat and care for rhino, elephant and other endangered wildlife that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents.)

(Shamwari Conservation Experience invites Volunteers from all over the world to join us in our conservation efforts.)

(The UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve, situated in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, is a 6,000 hectare reserve.)

 (Action for Rabbits is a group established by rabbit-lovers to help educate about the needs of the domestic rabbit to the public, manufacturers and government in order to help them provide better conditions for these much abused animals.)

 (We move the world to protect animals.
We put animals on the global agenda.
Together we can end animal suffering.)

(Animal Rights UK is an organisation working to publicise and aid the efforts of the grassroot animal rights movement in the UK.)

Other UK Rescues & Sancturies

(We are a family ran, none profit charity that devotes our time to rescuing and rehoming Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets all over the Northeast.)

(We are a recognised Scottish charity, established in 2003, to provide permanent homes to donkeys and mules in need of sanctuary whether due to cruelty or neglect or because their current owners are no longer able to care for them.)

(A no kill animal rescue centre in UK helping many animals who are sick, injured & difficult.)

(The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Sanctuary for domestic animals in our care and a rehabilitation service for wildlife prior to release.)

(Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre is a 65 acre park in the heart of the Dorset countryside. It's home to over 250 rescued monkeys and apes of 20 different species.)

(We are a private rescue located in Edinburgh that rehome dogs of any breed, age, shape and size to suitable homes within Scotland.)

(Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust exists to rescue, treat and release wildlife as far afield as Newcastle, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.)

Sooo, I have to admit when I started compiling this I had no idea how many pages I actually follow. Fast forward a good few hours and we're finally at this point. As you'll see some of these pages are fun photo posting accounts of cuteness, some are serious spreading imortant messages and many are inbetween the two. A huge percentage are also non-profits or charities etc and rely on dontaions, fundraising and the like so once you become a part of the community it is always lovely to be able to donate and help their missions - at least 10 of the above are causes very close to my heart that I support regularly.
Anyway, I hope you find a page for you that you can follow along with and have your day brightened by when a beautiful bunny, pretty pig, fabulous fox and more pop up in your feed. I'm always on the hunt for more pages to like so feel free to share your favorites in the comments below!!

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