Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Disney Animated Christmas Movies

Wednesdays have unintentionally become Disney post days instead of Fridays, which it was originally, but yep I dunno how long it's been since I switched so surprise! This week I had planned to talk about some of Walt Disney Pictures best Christmas movies, however, it turns out I did that last year...oops...pop over here to read that then come back and we'll discuss some pretty cool Disney animated Christmas movies!

A Christmas Carol
I love the story of A Christmas Carol on a whole, but add Jim Carey and a Disney (computer) animation into the mix and I'm sold. I first saw this in 3D in the cinema with my Dad and it was visually beautiful.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
The 'sequel' to, wait for it, Beauty and the Beast! :O It was direct to video and deals with Beast not being the most festive person in the world, set during the timeline of the main story.

Donald Duck's Christmas Favourites
Does what it says on the tin! This is a lovely compilation of old shorts with Donald Duck and friends!

My Friends Tigger and Pooh: Super Sleuth Christmas Movie
The only one on this list that I haven't seen. It sounds cute, I'll try watch it before the month is over and get back to you but it's the one I'm least interested in due to the 'modern' animation style.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
Probably the most well known Disney Christmas animation, this is made up of three different segments and is a complete classic!

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
Probably the second most well known..ahaha! As above but with 5 different segments ;)

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
 What to do when you're snowed in - throw a Christmas party in the House of Mouse of course!

Olaf's Frozen Adventure 
Okay, I more than anyone was 100% over as soon as it got taken over board but Jake got me this the day the DVD was released and it is such a lovely little festive short. I'll not say what this one is about but it is worth a watch.

Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street
Another straight to video movie, Recess Christmas sees the teachers get stuck in a snow storm while driving so relive good memories of the kids, flashback style.

Winnie the Pooh & Christmas Too
Coming out in 1991, this Pooh Bear festive family favorite is in the animated style that I remember of Winnie as opposed to the Super Sleuth Christmas Movie which was released in 2007 in the weird '3D' style they changed it to. A great story about a letter to Santa, a disguised Pooh and lots of friends.

Winter Wonderland
A magical compilation of clips from many other Disney Christmas and winter themed films. Baker and I watched the recently and he was glued to the Bambi scenes. A real feel good treat to get you in the mood.

 I have most of these on DVD so have either already watched them this month or have them on the to-watch list for before the year is over and they really are some of the best additions to my festive viewing. Am I missing any animated Christmas flicks from the Disney vaults?? Let me know. Which is your fave? Tell me in the comments :)


  1. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas makes me incredibly nostalgic. It just reminds me of childhood and makes me happy!! Pretty sure we've seen all things Winnie The Pooh related at Christmas too, as our "little" sister LOVED anything and everything Winnie The Pooh related (still does). Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Danielle!
    Love Lucy and Kelly xx

    1. Doesn't it?! All the animated shorts are like that for me.
      Aww that's a good thing to love! Winnie gives the best hugs at Disneyland too :)
      Thanks so much - hope you and your family had a magical Christmas week.