Friday, 19 January 2018

A Day in My Life // December

Sunday, 31st December.
A Day in My Life.

My very last day in life post from 2017 is just that because I decided to document the very last day of December, New Year's Eve. Many people were asking each other 'what are you doing for New Years?', well, this was our New Years :)

1 // Around 8am I get home from work and Baker and I decide a nap is needed!
2 // Then I finish watching the movie I started while at work. This was 'Bibi & Tina: Tohuwabohu Total  (Perfect Pandemonium)'...I'm kind of obsessed with the Bibi & Tina movies.
3 // Work doesn't end with job #1, I have my own work to do too. Dishwasher and Washing machine both loaded and on.
4 // Tidied my living room, Jake's living room and sorting out the recycling.

5 // Sitting down with some old Beatdown episodes while I eat my hashbrown sandwich for brunch.
6 // Unloading the dishwasher is one of my least favourite jobs.
7 // Making my last ever Angel Delight before the transition to Vegan tomorrow (as in no things with non-vegan ingredients in and AD powder has milk in it :( )
8 // Finishing off the first post in a new series - check it out here.

9 // Baker's dinner time and a cuppa to wake Jake who is in nightshift sleeping mode.
10 // And then a shower for me.
11 // Yet more housework, taking the dry washing off the airer.
12 // Finally tea time for myself. Not meal beats pasta and broccoli! Of course with my big bowl of Angel Delight too. Yum!

13 // Getting a last-minute photo for a post going up the next day. 
14 // ...and putting the finishing touches to said post. Here is that post!
15 // Time for the most basic bedtime routine you'll ever see.
16 // How satisfying to end the year and end a book at the same time.

Considering I had work as normal the next day, this was actually a very late night for me and I didn't finish reading to go to sleep until just before 11pm! :O But yeah, this was how we saw in 2018...sleeping haha. I'm not sure if I am going to bring this series into 2018 yet, we'll see, because I've been a little bit awful at not leaving them until the last minute to do.
How did you spend New Year? Are you the type to celebrate or would you rather sleep too? lol

Leave links to your day in the life type posts in the comments!!


  1. I feel you - I'd rather sleep too! We saw the New Year in at our neighbour's house, with the fireworks on telly at midnight. Then fireworks went off near our house that sounded as if they were going off on our doorstep, so I had to rush back home to be with the cat who was freaking out :( I bloody hate fireworks! x x

    1. Oh bless the kitty :( Fireworks suck! I personally think that they should not be sold to the public - people can't be trusted. It should only be organized events and then people who have PTSD or other fears, as well as those with pets, can be prepared.

      Other than that it sounds like a lovely way to see the new year in though.