Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Disney Movies I Want to See Re-Imagined

People tend to be against Disney re-imagining their previous works, some people even get pretty heated about it. I actually spoke about it a little more in a post from last year - ' Disney Movies You Didn't Know Were 'Remakes' ' and as I stumbled upon that post while going through my Disney archives, I had a light bulb moment hence this post coming to life.
I am obviously a fan of re-imaginings and here are 6 from the hundreds of possibilities, that I would personally love to see redone with the new-fangled technology that we now have.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [1954]
For hardcore fans of the original live-action movies, I think this adaptation of Jules Verne's novel would also be a popular choice to see remade. Being one of the first ever Sci-Fi movies shot in CinemaScope (aka old school 'widescreen' format, essentially), how amazing would it's insanely intricate somewhat steampunk look and vibe be to see with the current level of cinema effects?
I'd love to see this story be brought back to life, with a fresh spin for new audiences to discover the original too.

The Rescuers Down Under [1990]
I don't know if it's purely as The Rescuers Down Under was 'born' the same year as me, or because of all of the birds and mice involved or even as it features the comedy talents of John Candy but I really love this movie and think it's such a forgotten gem often. A live action (with CGI animals obviously) version available in 3D would be epic, don't you agree?!

Return to Oz [1985]
This is a weird one, if you've seen it you'll know what I mean - at 27, parts of this still freak me out. However, anything Oz and I'm in. 'Oz the Great and Powerful' was one of my favourite releases of the past 5 years as the story is lovely and the visuals make me speechless. I literally can't think of a word to describe how beautiful that movie is. Now if we did that with Return to Oz, mixing with it's darker side, I can imagine it being fantastic. I'll also use this opportunity to call for more of the Oz books to be turned into movies, please :)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire [2001]
I'm really not the hugest 'underwater' fan despite having two oceanic sci-fi's on this list. Nevermind. 
It was actually a pretty with-it for the time movie using more CGI technology than previous, traditionally hand-drawn, animated classics but I would still love to see it reimagined further. I'm thinking it could end up like a cross between Avatar and The Finest Hours...but underwater. Yeah?

Swiss Family Robinson [1960]
Like my first pick, I'm sure Swiss Family Robinson is another that fans of the older gen movies who are also all for re-boots would like to be given the magic treatment. My main reason for choosing this is a simple one though. The animals. At the time there were no such things as Computer-generated imagery or Animatronics of a high enough standard to replace the use of real animals. The animals being stressed out in the water happened. The fight between the dogs and tiger happened. And those animal actors would have been terribly distressed. Times changes and it was 1960 but it's still difficult to watch. I love the movie otherwise though so a re-jig of things with some effects sprinkled in there would be fab.

Brave [2012]
What can I say about it that you can't just imagine yourself? Actually filmed in our superiorly scenic Scotland with a real-life flame-haired stunning Scottish actress and even maybe Billy Connolly himself?! It would be epic. Even just for the views.

So there are just a few of the movies I'd love to see again with modern tech and new spins. What do you think? Would you agree with any of the above or do you have others you'd choose? I may do another post adding some more in the future as, to be fair, there are quite a few others that could make fantastic films.


  1. As a huge Disney fan I love this post (& will also go through your Disney archive since you mentioned it) & also, thank you for introducing some movies that I somehow have missed - they're definitely going up on my to-watch list! xxx

  2. Return to Oz scared me to death when I was little!

    1. It's so freaky isn't it?!?! I wouldn't be letting my kids watch it, that's for sure.