Friday, 5 January 2018

My Non-Resolutions, Resolutions // Take 5!

Happy New Year guys! It's already the 5th day of 2018 and I think that's technically the first time I've said that on my blog. 
Anyway, here is my 5th annual round up that isn't a round up and goals that aren't really goals, post!


My Proudest Moment in 2017.
Hmm. I include this every year and every year I struggle haha. I'm not the type to toot my own horn to be fair, but I do do things that I should be happy about.
Mam and I took part in our 7th annual Race for Life and I 'rescued' a young herring gull, which were both pretty good moments.

A Time When I Disappointed Myself in 2017.
How badly I did in my 5th year of Project 365 has to be an answer here. I love doing it because I get to look back years down the line and remember exactly what I did on a certain day but in 2017 I got lazy with it. Whether it was just rubbish filler photos of my current read or an actual missed day, it contributed to a lot of missed opportunities and that's rather disappointing.

General Happy Highlights from 2017. 
* Adopting our Born Free Hyenas!
* A couple successful walks with Bman.
* Doing a mini Disneyland Paris (on a freakin' coach) visit for DLP25 with Laura <3 [Posts here]
* Baker turned 5!! [Post here]
* Etal Flower Show and Hay farm day trip with Claire.
* Finally having my cover up tattoo done and it being a Hufflepuff one!
* The Outlaw King movie shot along the road from me. [Post here]
* Celebrating my birthday at the Beamish Halloween evening with Claire. [Posts here]
* Getting to visit the History of Magic exhibition at the British Library.
* Going to the WB Studio Tour (for my 2nd visit) with Mam & Kerri, during the Dark Arts feature.
* A very charitable December.
* Lots of good books and even more good movies!

What I Am Most Thankful for Last Year. 
Getting the opportunity to not only visit DLP with my best friend for her first proper visit but to do it during the 25th anniversary and so close to my previous trip. I am not the type to do multiple visits within a year (it's a long expensive journey for us non-fliers who live on the border of Scotland) and having had a big trip in December 2016 I didn't expect and had canceled any plans to try and visit in 2017. However, I found a coach deal that was very reasonable and made it work so that I could be there to experience the 25th anniversary as close to the actual date as possible. It was a whirlwind trip and extremely difficult traveling there inparticular but I am insanely thankful for the epic time I had. Despite crying almost the whole time haha.

I am also thankful that a couple weeks after returning from DLP I scored my 2nd job. A one I have come to love as well as the people I get to work around.

Favorite Blog Posts from Each Month, Last Year.
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Looking forward to this year.
Not to sound like a broken record or a spoiled cow, but Disneyland Paris again. We go in June, my first 'Summer' visit and what is extra exciting is it isn't just Kerri, Mam and I but my Dad is coming (for the first time since my first time in 1996) with us!! I am beyond looking forward to it.
There are also a couple other things we have mentally planned but not booked yet so I won't talk too soon and jinx it all haha.

Am going to do differently.
'Go, at least once a year, to a place you've never been before.' - Dalai Lama
This year I am forgetting my focus on saving up to buy a house and am going to live for a change. I want to hit more places on my 30 before 30 lists and have fun with my friends and family. That in no way means going on lots of holidays or being out and about all the time, it just means I will be more conscious of the odd little day trips we do have and make them count.

Strive to achieve.
A stronger project 365 for one! But the main thing is to, as always, up my charitableness and giving. My aim is to do at least one thing each month that contributes to helping other people, animals or our planet. Each month I already have a split subscription with my Mam for the 4Ocean Clean Ocean Collection and two monthly payments to Born Free for my animal adoptions so they don't count. I'm excited about the possibilities.

Other goals.
Move? Maybe? Like, I'm sure many of you are aware that we haven't the best situation neighbour wise, though I have been able to somewhat mentally breakthrough that fear of coming and going from my own home but that isn't the only problem anymore. The issue of not having a garden for Baker has increased in its priority since he is no longer able to care free-ly go on walks elsewhere, the privacy and noise is still something that gets to me and other things like heating add up to make me ready to go. We probably won't though.

Another car? Well, this would depend on the point above as it's pretty much impossible on this street. It's a small, private road, mini cul-de-sac type of deal and with houses having multiple cars, work vans and it generally just being used as a spill-over car park for other roads it would be like drawing blood from a stone getting parked.
Try to meet some of my blogging pals. I have knows some girls for years and still haven't met them in person. Empty promises need to be stopped and a better effort made on my part.

Lastly, I have to add it purely as it's been on the list for the past 2 years - finally try to reach 1000 Bloglovin' followers. Highly unlikely haha.

Thanks for reading everyone, please do share links to your similar posts in the comments and heres to a magical year.
Feel free to check out my 3 previous year's posts of the same name here > 201420152016, 2017.



  1. Disneyland Paris is always been one I've wanted to visit, hope you have the best time come summer! Loved reading through this post, best of luck!

    Beth x

    1. Oh you should do it if you can, you can get some great deals. Thank you very much :)


  2. Good luck with all your goals. I feel the same way as you do about the 365. Maybe because I used to share the pictures on Instagram, but with their change is not as exciting as it was before. I've set up some goals this year too (I blogged about them, if you fancy a read). Like yours, they are relaxed. :)

    1. Thank you :) Yeah all I hear about Insta recently is bad things. For sure, I'll pop on over now!


  3. Seems like you had a really great year in 2017, and lots to look forward to this year, too! Super excited for you to get to go to DLP with your dad this year - I can imagine you're really looking forward to that. And good luck with your non-resolutions for 2018 :) x x

    1. It had it's ups and downs like every year, but it wasn't a bad one overall that's for sure. Thank you!! I really am very excited :)


  4. You got so much done in 2017 and should be very proud! Hoping for a wonderful 2018 for you! x

    1. You don't realize it until you see it all written down together eh? It was a pretty alright year :)
      I hope 2018 is awesome for you too!!