Friday, 12 January 2018

Quarterly Collective Haul // October - December 2017

Yeah...October - December 2017. I know. So usually I do share these quarterly collective hauls early the following month, however, when it gets to the end of a year I try to put out the Oct-Dec one at the end of December. That would have been the case except that after Christmas I un-scheduled(?) all my posts and decided to have a mini break to restart fresh in January.
Oh and for those who have never seen this style of post from me before, it's not bragging or showing off or anything like that. I'm simply compiling everything I am lucky enough to purchase or get over a period of 3 months so that I can remember and fully appreciate each item forever.

It was a good three months for books, that's for sure. This year, in general, has been more of a book year than usual, probably because I've actually been doing more reading. though of course, the majority are secondhand, charity shop finds. The first image and the top left book on the second image are all pre-loved costing me less than £14 for all 9. Of course, the rest of the Harry Potter books were bought new as they were all new releases.
I was lucky enough to visit the History of Magic exhibition at the British Library to celebrate my birthday in October so picked up one of the books while I was there and then ordered the other online. During that same trip down South, we were going to the WB Studio Tour for the second time. This time it was while the Dark Arts feature was on and was my first time seeing the Forbidden Forrest and it's obviously where I got the new official guide.
Fantastic Beasts & Prisoner of Azkaban were preorders.

In opposition to books, my DVD collecting has slowed down. I've said it a couple times on here, but I'm at the point now where most of the Disney DVDs I really need are compilations, ones I don't want, are harder to find or are like £100+. 4 of the above were bought new and all were under £4 minus Olaf's Frozen Adventure which I'm not sure on the price as Jake bought me it. The second-hand ones added up to under £5.

It seems my Birthday this year was very Harry Potter themed...not only did we go to the Studio Tour and British Library for the exhibition, my Mam gave me money towards my Hufflepuff tattoo* which I actually had done in September, Kerri so, so kindly hand cross stitched me a perfect Hufflepuff crest and I bought myself a throw (shown in the background of the HP books photo above) at the tour I have wanted since I first visited in 2015.

[* Can you see all my goose pimples in that photo?! That's how cold my house is haha]

Lastly, Christmas. I'm not going to name everything but I'm sure you can tell which pile is mine and which is Bakers. It doesn't look like he got as much this year but the stuff he did get was he gets new toys and treats all the time as it is because I just can't help myself.
My 'main' Christmas gifts from my parents were actually a new kettle, toaster, George Forman and steamer pans which we got back near black Friday and I was over the moon with. Alongside those was my little Pluto charm from the latest Disney Chamila collection - love, love, love him <3

And the finale! My wand. The one wand to rule them all, the Elder wand, Dumbledore's wand. I have wanted this for years also but could never really bring myself to spend the money on something I couldn't really use. That's when the ever amazing Kerri stepped in and bought it for me at the tour...ahhh!! Not only that but she was talking about me to the cashier and bless his soul, he left the till and chased me around the shop (awkward because I was all angry/stressy because of my anxiety and all the people) to give me a Birthday badge, Hogwarts Letter envelope from the recent feature opening 4 Privet Drive and the piece of paper with Harry's Name from the Goblet of Fire!! I started ugly crying at him of course. It meant so much. And even more to experience it with one of my best friends and Mam.
Oh, and Mam bought me the stand while we were there too! :)

Thanks for sticking with me through this mammoth post! The last collective haul of the year is always longer with Christmas being in December and my birthday in October. I wanna hear about what you have been buying, gifting, getting, loving and so on lately. Leave me links in the comments or tweet them to me!

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  1. I love your tattoo, its incredible! x

    Han |

  2. I love buying books from charity shops, they are so cheap and many look great. I received some books for Christmas too.

    1. Plus it's supporting charity shops :) Ooohh, awesome! Always a fun gift.


  3. Love all the Harry Potter/Hufflepuff stuff in your quarterly collective haul this time! Especially that tattoo - it's gorgeous. Super jealous. x x

    1. It was very unintentional too ha, but I'm not mad about it. :P
      Thanks so much <3