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What I Watched in 2017

Firstly, can I just annoy everyone (including myself) to say that I can't quite believe it's already the 22nd?! Urgh, I hate when life goes too fast and although I have lots of fun things planned this year I still don't want to rush through my already short life.
Anyway, getting back to the post. It's taken until now to get this up as I had so many other things I wanted up first and before you know it, boom, it's the 22nd. But it's here. My 3rd annual 'What I Watched in..' post!! Yay!

In 2017 my yearly goal was 500, with 300 being things that were previously unseen/new to me.
In 2017 my yearly total was 515, with 337 being previously unseen/new to me! Woohoo!! I smashed my goals :D

If you have gone back to have a peek at the previous years summaries, or were here when they originally went up, you'll know that I listed every single movie in one huge list, however this time you may know that I posted monthly summaries to break it down and keep on top of it. You can see them all below if you are really interested in all 500 movies!

Each month I kept track not only of the number of movies overall but of how many I saw in the cinema, how many Disney productions and how many seasons of a TV series as the TV shows were not included in my overall total but obviously took up a good few hours of my life.
Those totals were -
TV Series seasons total - 26
Disney total - 168
Cinema total - 3

I also picked a top 5 each month and although that was difficult enough and this is probably going to be impossible, I'm gonna attempt to narrow those down even further.
So here are the top 12 of 2017 -
January - Miss Potter [2006]
February - Tru Confessions [2002]
March - The Book Thief [2013]
April - Summer Magic [1963]
May - Queen of Katwe [2016]
June - The Good Lie [2014]
July - Walt & El Grupo [2008]
August - Houdini [1953]
September - Hurricane Bianca [2016]
October - Passengers [2008]
November - Amy [1981]
December - Last Holiday [2006]

All of these are must sees!! I like that this shows a range of genres from a good range of decades because in general I just love film, (almost) all film. Older movies especially have my heart, both animated and live action because it just astounds me what could be done at such early years of cinema and how the technology has evolved into what it is today.

Talking about that, the oldest movie I watched was La Voyage Dans La Lune from 1902 which is the famous work of art by the genius that was Georges Méliès.
And the newest was Murder on the Orient Express from November 2017, one of my 3 cinema visits of the year. 

I'd, of course, love to visit the cinema way more but in our small town the 'cinema' is actually doubled with the theatre and only gets the odd movie, often weeks/months after it's original release. This means that movies I do want to see opening weekend don't just cost me the price of a ticket but also a train journey to and from either Newcastle or Edinburgh etc. An expensive day!

Something new for me this year was watching more movies that do not have English as their first language. I watched them with either subtitles or dubbed, all on Netflix, and thoroughly enjoyed every single one!
They were -
Tulen Morsian. (Devil's Bride) [2016]
Løvekvinnen (The Lion Woman) [2016]
Los Inocentes (The Innocents) [2015]
Bibi & Tina [2014]
Bibi & Tina Voll Verhext! (Bewildered & Bewitched!) [2014]
Bibi & Tina: Mädchen Gegen Jungs (Girls vs Boys) [2016]
Bibi & Tina: Tohuwabohu Total  (Perfect Pandemonium) [2017]


So overall a fantastic viewing year I'm sure you'll agree. I could probably talk for days on the subject and mention way more movies but for now I'll leave it here. I'd love to hear about what you enjoyed watching last year and stuff! I'll be back in a week or so with the first of 2018's monthly movie round ups so keep an eye out for that. Until then check out the past 2 years 'What I Watched in..' summaries!!
See my 2015 post here - where I watched 160 movies.
See my 2016 post here - where I watched 400 movies.

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