Sunday, 4 February 2018

Back Through The Lens // Week 5

Happy Sunday guys!
Over the past 5 years, I have taken part in a little photo project called Project 365. Project 365 is simply taking a photo every day a year. Now I have 5 full years of photo memories to look back on and wanted to share a few here to reminisce. So here it is, week 5 of Back Through the Lens!

January 30th, 2013.
I can vividly remember how much I hurt my eye by looking through the viewfinder directly into this bright sunshine to take this photo. Obviously it was accidental. It's also two photos fused together so that the silouette of the bird stood out against the sun and you can totally tell because apparently my photoshop skills were worse back in 2013. Dunno how as at that point I'd been photoshopping for like 7 years? I'll blame the technology ;) 

Week 5 January 2014.
I love playing Monopoly but it's very rare that anyone will play with me. My friend from work had come round and played it for a couple hours with me. Yes it is on a patio table. At the time it was all we had! :P

 January 31st, 2015.
Eeeeekkkk!!! Moments like this is why I love, love, love this project! My Mam's first ever tattoo! She said 'bugger' a million times then apologized to the tattooist, although the definitely hear a lot worse language than that on a daily basis.

January 30th, 2016.
Seems it was snowing in 2016 at this time too. I took a some similar photos of him this year (see here) in the exact same place with his same little squinty 'the snow is in my eyes' eyes! <3

January 30th, 2017.
 This crazy fog was at like 8am, completly making the railway bridge and hills disappear! It was pretty spooky.

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