Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Countdown to Disney 2018 // Attractions Hitlist

110 Days
15 Weeks, 5 Days
3.61 Months

We are still quite a while away from this years Disneyland Paris trip, however, it is time for another in my 'Countdown to Disney' series!! Today I'm planning out the rides and attractions I most want to hit up during our five-day stay.
As I mentioned last post, it isn't just Mam and I this time...nor is it just us and Kerri. It's Mam, Kerri, Dad and I!! Therefore a special version of this list has had to be written up. In our party, there are back problems, fear of heights, Spondylitis, arthritis and other ailments that needed to be thought of when drawing up the hit list.
Dad has also not been to Disney since 1996 - a lot has changed since then and I have so much I want to experience with him.
(Ps. Silently cursing Cinemagiques closure)

With all of the above being taken into consideration, here are my two to-do lists when it comes to rides and attractions this June.

With Mam & Dad

Moteurs...Action! Stunt Show Spectacular
I love this show! I hype it up every time to whoever I'm with because I don't think it gets the love it deserves.
Disregarding the stereotypical gender assumptions, I think this is something Dad will really enjoy and as it is a show he'll get to sit and chill for a bit between all the walking and waiting we'll be doing.

Armageddon – Les Effets Speciaux
Yes, it's nothing special. Yes, it's outdated. Yes, once you've done it that's it. But to be fair I just want to see Mam and Dad's reactions. I went on in May last year with Laura after having previously last being on in March 2010 and watching everyone else's reactions is a heck load of fun!

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
I've beat Mam many a time on this so I obviously have to try beat Dad too haha. It'll be one of the only rides that we will be able to go on that you get your photo taken on too so I want to do it a couple of times with both Dad and Kerri.

With Kerri

Big Thunder Mountain
It may be hard to believe, but I only had my first ever experience of Big Thunder Mountain last May and it was better than I expected! This is a ride that I think Kerri will really enjoy too and it's also one that my parents can't go on. Plus photo op!

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
This is another I only had my first shot on this past year. Kerri, Kris and I had planned to go on it in December 2016, but to be honest I'm glad we didn't because man that would have been so cold!! haha

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
Oooohhh! I hear you. 'What?! Star Tours? I thought you hate Star Wars?'. Well yes, I hate that Star Wars is being pushed on the parks so much as I think it should have it's own park, along with Marvel but I have been on Star Tours back in 2010 and thought (as a non-Star Wars fan) it was pretty cool.
I'm not sure what Kerri thinks of SW but it'll be a different experience to go on the updated simulation with her.

With Everyone

Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic
Another chill yet interesting and attention holding attraction like the Stunt Show, it's something only Mam and I have done before. I dunno if I'll ever get bored of the Studio Tram Tour and I think it's something people of all ages should enjoy at least once, plus it's always a good laugh to stick new to the show riders on the left hand side :P

Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy
My Mam loves this bloomin' ride! I do too but my Mam is a big fan. It's another that is pretty different to anything else around and gets great reactions from people who have no idea what to expect. Sadly it was closed when we were there in 2016, only reopening on our last day after Kerri and Kris had already gone home.
I'm hoping that if we tell Dad and Kerri nothing, they'll bust out some great reactions.


I guess that's pretty much it! Of course I have a huge list of everything we'll be going on already written out, but obviously these are the 'most important' so to say. Usually Phantom Manor would be our go to first ride but that is closed so now Pirates of the Carribbean will be taking that place. It was closed when I was there in May last year so this will be my first time seeing it since the refurb so I'm super syced for that!!

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  1. There's quite a few of these that I've not experienced yet! I'll have to make sure I tick them all off this year! x

    1. Get the Tram tour and Stunt show done because they won't be there for much longer :(