Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Disneyland Paris Details // Adventure Isle - Part 1

Hello again and welcome back to the second instalment - technically 3rd post - in this series!
Today we are packing up and shipping off to explore one of my absolute favourite places to be in Disneyland Paris - Adventure Isle in Adventureland, as chosen by you! Well, those of you who voted in the Twitter poll.
Personally, I find it is best enjoyed when it isn't busy (which to be fair it isn't often for me due to our trips always being the low season) so that I can be in my own little world and really immerse myself in the deserted island type of vibe. There are many nooks and crannies, hidden treasures and amazing sights to behold and I want to share them with you as we appreciate yet more of the details of Disneyland Paris.

Click this link, sit back, listen and here are the details of Adventure Isle...

The journey to the centre of Adventureland is an exciting one, don't you think?! This place is one of the original areas that was here when the park opened back in 1992 and I can remember enjoying it just as much as a child as I do now. Within the isle, you have two 'islands' Northern and Southern, the first being home to something that will have DLP details posts of its own soon enough, La Cabane des Robinson, as well as Le Ventre de la Terre and La Mer des Bretteurs.
The Southern Island contains the ever famous and highly photographed Skull Rock and a vast maze of caves, some inspired by the 1950's live-action Treasure Island, photos of which are coming in part 2! As you might be able to tell there is a lap over in part 1 and 2 because when you're exploring you don't always draw a line between the two areas/

Anyway! I'd love to hear your thoughts about this area of the park. I know it isn't exactly a 'ride' and people don't tend to make it a priority to spend any time here when time is short on trips, but it really is a hidden gem. Have you explored it fully?? I can't wait to see if Dad will go over the rope bridge...Mam is always terrified and they are both scared of heights haha. I love the rope bridge though.

Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure to sail on by next Wednesday for part 2!

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  1. I love Adventure Isle! It's great to be able to explore freely after a log time of shuffling in a ride queue!

  2. Your photos are great as always! They make me really want to go to DLP (more so than I already do!)

    Rachael at