Wednesday, 28 February 2018

My Disney Autograph Books [Part 2]

Over my 5 holidays in Disneyland Paris, I have met a few characters, not as many as some of course, but with those visits spanning from 1996 - 2017 there is a range of characters included within the pages of my autograph books, some which I think don't regularly meet anymore.
I don't actually go for signings every visit, only 'special occasions' like Mickey's Magical Party in 2010 and the 25th Anniversary in 2017 and after a recent conversation with Stephen, I thought it may be nice to share the autographs I do have currently to perhaps compare how Mickey's handwriting has changed throughout the years or something? ;)

This is one of two autograph books from my 2010 visit to Disneyland Paris. It was my first adult trip to DLP, my first holiday 'alone' and was my first proper holiday away with my ex-partner. We went for 7 nights from February 26th to March 5th during the 'Mickey's Magical Party' celebrations which were to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 80th birthday! Obviously, his birthday is November 18th, 1928 but this celebration ran from April 2009 to March 2010.
I decided not to do things by halves and got into the whole autograph thing! We met a considerable amount of characters (in relation to the rest of my visits) over the 8 days hence having to buy a second autograph book...:O
Something that I now think of as being a little, shall we say 'different', is that the vast majority of character meets we had were in the Walt Disney Studios Park. In fact 10 of the autographs in this post were gotten over 8 meets. 1 was in one of our hotels, the Santa Fe (we stayed in two over the course of our trip) and the other 3 were in Frontierland! They were all fantastically memorable too, but if I told you about them all I would be writing forever. Maybe I'll do a post on my most memorable meets one day haha!
As you'll see Dale signed in his French name and for some reason, I am often mistaken as French when I go to the parks! haha. He loved me anyway and was making smoochy noises as we posed for photos. He also must have overheard my name as when I saw my autograph he had written 'Kiss Danielle' with loads of hearts which is so special to have!

 [Side note - The relationship I was in at the time was domestically abusive and so when I left him I got rid of all photos etc. This meant I lost a lot of photos from this trip and the missing one by Jessie and one of me on Bullseye for Woody is because this was of photo of him and I with both Woody and Jessie which I no longer have.]


So, as the title suggests, I've decided to split this into a couple of parts. After taking photos of my first book it seemed better this way than having to miss anything out or have it be the worlds longest post.
I hope you enjoyed this peek into my autograph 'collection' so to say. I have 2 more books to share with you from 2 trips, the other part of this one and my 2017 25th anniversary one and would love to see yours too!! If you do decide to share them in a blog post pleaaase tag me so I can see - I'll be looking forward to it.

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