Monday, 19 February 2018

Project 365 // Summary 2017

Oooooh, I almost completely forgot about this post. I have no idea what reminded me of it as at this point all of my previous year summaries and the start of the year posts have been and gone, but it's better late than never!
This is the 3rd year I've done an overall round-up of my year using my project 365 as a base. If you have been keeping up with my new Sunday series - Back Through the Lens - you'll know that I have 5 complete years of daily photos and am now onto year 6 of project 365, and in this post I choose 2 photos from each month of the year and write up a quick 'what I did' for those months. Here we go...

People tend to dislike January, in a similar type of way as people dislike Mondays. I just dislike December-February because it's cold. January 2017 was rather chill, with not much going on compared to Jan '16. Hanging out with Tilly and Brook was always a good time and I enjoyed attempting to get them both to sit for photos together - a lot more difficult with those crazy girls than you'd think! See part of their set here.
Other than that Jake and I had a day away in Newcastle, we had the usual sporadic weather i.e sun one day and snow the next, I took part in my 4th RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch (blog post here) and of course, my good streak of reading began.

Sadly another rather slow and, not that I like to use this word, but 'boring' month.
The lighter mornings started to arrive and there were plenty of wildlife encounters, with new life in plant form appearing. A year ago we were still able to get Baker out for a few good walks too which was lovely. Oh, and I got a new bookcase.

With milder weather and longer days came many pretty sunrises on the way to work. Mam and I had a day away to Edinburgh to see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema (see my review here!) so naturally, had to visit our squirrel friends in the gardens as usual.
From my month of photos in March, it seems it was another pretty chill one filled with books and birds.
Here are a couple cool posts I put up this month:

Easter celebrations or should I say Spring celebrations, call for the annual seasonal decor to come out of the boxes and brighten up the house, check out our decor post here. Sunny days and flowers were aplenty, very much happily welcomed.
Laura also popped up for a quick overnight visit and we got Baker out to Ford for a little swim in the water. Have a peek at the photos here.
As you can see we had a certain countdown going on too...a little hint at what happened next month.

Disney month!!!! For the first time since 1996, I hopped onto a bloomin' coach and took the 17 hour journey down the country and across/under the sea to the homeland of Disneyland Paris, this time with my best friend Laura. It was our first holiday together and her first proper time at Disney, plus it was my chance to see all the 25th Aniversary stuff, new parade and new nighttime show.
After getting home, of course, I got poorly and wasn't well for a couple weeks but I actually started my 2nd job, I helped a bee and I photographed lots of nature/wildlife. Mam and I also got to get down to Newcastle to see Salazar's Revenge, the review is here!

I had never actually heard of it before, but I took part in 30 Days Wild this June! This meant that my whole project 365 throughout this month was nature and/or wildlife themed. Because of where I live I'm very lucky to get to see a good range of species but one of my favourite photos is that of the male Blackbird hopping up the stairs holding a tiny flower!
I did a full summary of my 30 Days Wild which you can see here. During the 30 days, I was happy to help a baby Herring Gull too, read more about him by clicking here.

The start of this month saw Mam and I complete our seventh annual Race for Life, a 5k distance to raise funds for Cancer Research.
Overall it was a very sad month though with the loss of my Grandma. We went down to Newcastle to say goodbye on the 14th.

Baker's birthday month! He turned the big 0-5 :O That is crazy. We threw him a little birthday party as usual, and because he has found a recent addiction for balloons we got him extra balloons. Click for the blog post with lots of photo of his day.
Earlier in the month, Laura popped up for the day so we had a run out to nearby Eyemouth where we went for a good walk, fed the seals and took lots of photos that you can see here.

This is the start of my favourite time of year, don't ask me why, I guess it just seems to be when all the best stuff happens.
I ended up with 2 days down in Newcastle in the few two weeks of September as my tattoo appointment ended up being rescheduled but I already had train tickets booked. I had a nice time in town and the Metro Centre with Laura though then the next week I finally got my cover up done :)
More fab friend time was had when Claire and I had a day out to Etal Flower Show and the Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre which was such a great day. I actually took a lot of photos but still haven't edited them or blogged about it haha. In fact September I had a break from blogging and didn't post much at all.

This is actually my all-time favourite month, though not because it's my birthday month. To be fair birthdays don't really bother me much at all.
Anyway, a quick rundown of all the amazing stuff I got up to this month:
Decorating for Halloween
Seeing a big Hollywood movie shoot along my street
Trip to Newcastle to exchange birthday gifts with Laura (she's also an Oct baby)
Halloween Evening at Beamish
History of Magic exhibition at the British Library
Dark Arts feature at the WB Studio Tour

Judging by my photos it seems like we were still getting pretty nice weather, although obviously, the signs of winter were creeping in with the dying leaves and cooler breeze. Sunny days, pretty sunsets and birdy pals too. Mam and I went to our local 'cinema' to see Murder on the Orient Express, I bought some broken buddies at the shops & brought them back to life in time for Christmas and we got sent a giant canvas of Baker to review.

And last but not least, Winter is here. I decorated my little Santas workshop style living room, we got the first snow of the season and supported lots of our favourite causes. I also ended my yearly movie watching challenge with plenty Christmas movies raking my total to 515 for 2017 :)

Phew! That post took me a few sittings to complete and far more hours than it should have because, surprise, surprise, I've been ill.
However, that was my 5th full year of daily photos. I did a lot better with missed days originally, my first blank spot being day 120 which was actually the day before we travelled to DLP. After that, I sadly missed another 17 days, weirdly enough meaning I missed 18 days in both 2016 & 2017...
It sucks but its better to have 348 days of memories than nothing and many days actually had multiple photos. I'm already 50 days into my 2018 project and don't see myself stopping anytime soon :)
If you did a project 365 last year I'd love to hear how it turned out. Feel free to share links to where I can have a nose at it in the comments too.

Ps. Have a gander at last years version of this post! > Summary 2016


  1. Glad you are enjoying and doing well with this year's Project 365! This was lovely to read, to see what you got up to in 2017 in a nutshell. You were quite a busy girl! x x

    1. Thank you!! It always helps you put everything into perspective and appreciate your year when you look at it like this. This year seems set to be even busier.