Friday, 23 February 2018

Top 10 Drag Performers (Non-Drag Race)

So, I have never really written anything about many of my other interests on here, outside of Disney, movies, books and Harry Potter. Drag is one of those other interests and I've had notes written for this post on my phone for about a year now, so I thought, you know, forget what anyone else thinks! It may not be your cup of tea but then that's what the 'X' in the right-hand corner is for (or left on a Mac I think?).
Due to Ru Paul's Drag Race season 10 line up being confirmed/officially announced last night, like how typical as soon as I finally have this scheduled, I've brought it forward to today and moved the post I originally had going up to Monday.
As you can see from the title this is a list of my current top 10 favourite drag performers who have not been on Drag Race...yet.

Miz Cracker
Probably my favorite queen overall lately. She's beautiful, witty, talented when it comes to hair and make-up and a super great performer. A well-rounded lady is what it takes to win Drag Race and she is certainly that so I'd love to see her win S10! We all know New York has a heck load of drag talent ;) Her mother is a previous winner after all.
Check out more of Miz Cracker on her YouTube channel - I highly recommend her hilarious 'Review with a Jew' series. Oh and this video too.

Crystal Lubrikunt
I reckon Crystal is one of the UK's best. Yep. And guess who met her recently? Yep, me. Her numbers are so funny and well she's just a proper lip sync assassin. I was here for this one and was in stitches in person, you should really see this performance with Sasha Velour as well.
How awesome is it that she went to graduation in drag back in 2015 too? I love that!

Discord Addams & Gidget Von Addams
Although these beauties are separate beings and queens on their own, they are a couple and a family so I've paired them here to talk about but I'm definitely counting them as two people. Their looks are just insane. Anything different to the norm I am there for and these girls  Here is a gorgeous photo of Discord and the perfect portrait of the Addams family here on Gidget's account.

I'm sure you all already know Aquaria if you are a drag fan. She's Sharon Needles drag daughter and is, like everyone else on this list, absolutely stunning! Another NY native I reckon she's also one to watch in terms of future Drag Race winners. This video here is what sealed the deal for me being a big fan of hers.

Evah Destruction
Evah is another you are sure to know if you know drag. She's an internet sensation and a complete chameleon queen - she does it all. (Proof!) You may have heard other queens be dubbed 'clownish' but Evah redefines that word completely. I mean if you're afraid of clowns don't click here.

Rubber Child & Lisa Limbaugh
Like Gidget & Discord, these women are family. Best friends from the Haus of Piss specifically. Both from Florida I think Rubber and Lisa are perfect, they're beautiful, they may not look like Linda Evangelista but I wouldn't mind looking like a mix of them! I found them when they did Bestie$ for Ca$h on WOWPresents and then spent the next 48 watching everything I could find of them online haha.

CarrieAnn Crow
The newest addition to my list and the most 'local' one to me, CarrieAnn is from Glasgow where she hosts Trigger Thursdays. I was lucky enough to see her perform at The Rabbit Hole in Edinburgh earlier this month and she is probably the reason I lost my voice. There are a few clips from her performance here but my goodness the whole thing was epic - a frame, glitter, wig reveal and great tunes. I am a fan!

Self-described 'Kpop Idol Reject' Soju is also rather internet famous with her popular YouTube channel. Like Trixie is the first drag country artist, Soju is the first drag Kpop artist and she released her single 'So Juicy' with an awesome, choreographed music video featuring Jaymes Mansfield! I recommend you search for a particular Soju club performance where she breaks boards on stage too. SO good.

Honorable mentions also go to BibleGirl, Rhea Litré and Duo Raw!

I recommend you check out all of these queens if you don't know them already and I'd love to hear all about your top 10 non-Ru girls! Are you a fan of any on this list? Do you have any other UK ladies I should be looking out for? If this post isn't met with a bad response I have a few more drag-themed posts planned..what do you reckon? It seems now that the legend that is Courtney Act won Big Brother more people are opening their minds to the art which is awesome but remember to get out and support your local queens where you can not just the most famous girls ;)



  1. I've only just started watching Drag Race in the last month or so and it's already my favourite thing that's ever been on TV! I have a few more seasons to catch up with and then I'll have to start researching for MORE MORE MORE DRAG!

    1. Oooh! What season did you start with?? It's fantastic, even Baker watches it lol.