Monday, 12 February 2018

What I Read in January

I'm going to start this off the exact same as I did last year...

Well, this is a first! You did read that right, 'What I read this Month'...not year, not even quarter! haha, So when I started documenting my reads at the end of 2016 I did a round-up at the end of the year as I'd had a bit of a book drought and only managed a few. In 2017 I was optimistic after getting my mojo back so documented my reads in quarterly posts, ending the year with 43 reads overall! Now, midway through February 2018, I have read 6 books, so thought I'd give monthly summaries a go.

 The Disney Book by Jim Fanning
1st - 9th
I have owned this book since it very first came out in 2015 and flicked through it occasionally. However, as I own a lot of these bigger books (both Disney and Harry Potter) my main aim for 2018 is to read them all - cover to cover!
It's a good book and the way it's laid out is cool, plus I'm always a fan of extras like the Brave film cell that is included, but it wasn't 'wow' for me. Covering the bases, with some fun history I feel it could have been extended further, especially on specific topics where parts seemed to end abruptly. For example, the measly page mentioning Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant at Disneyland Paris felt plopped in the middle of the parks section as if an 'Oh, we'd better include something about Paris' thought. Of course, that is just my opinion though.
A good one for people new to the history of Disney and the like.

 The Wizard of Oz (Oz #1) by L. Frank Baum
3rd - 10th
Last year having been the 'year of Narnia', this year is the 'year of Oz'!
Pretty sure the five stars say it all but I enjoyed this as much as you can imagine a giant fantasy fan to. It reminds you how different the incredibly famous 1939 movie actually is as well.
This is also another book I've owned and had on my to be read list for quite some time. I'm attempting to not buy any more new books until I actually read some of the many that are on that list (attempting being the predominant word), so I guess that is one down.

 Harry Potter: the Creature Vault by Jody Revenson
10th - 16th
As I said before, I'm working through cover to cover -ing (?) all my larger books and this is another I have had for too many years and only looked at the pictures haha. I swear I'm 27 and not just 7.
I adored it!! Behind the scenes, the art of, type of deals are right up my cul-de-sac so mix that with animals and of course Harry Potter and just yes, yes.

 The Marvellous Land of Oz (Oz #2) by L. Frank Baum
13th - 23rd
Number two out of fourteen in the series didn't disappoint, so far I'm as in love with this book series as I am with Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. Having accidentally seen some reviews of this one I expected it to be super weird and overly unrealistic, but maybe I have a high tolerance for surrealism because none of it made me think it was too far or anything.

 Disneyland Paris de A à Z by Jérémie Noyer
18th - 30th
Ahh, this book! I went through so much to get my hands on this bloomin' book and paid quite a crazy price for it too, so I appreciate it extra amounts. It's the book that was released for DLP's 25th anniversary and not only goes through an A - Z style layout but at the end of each letter, it also goes through 24 hours in the parks. It's such a great insight to the 'behind the scenes' and cast members that make Disneyland what it is. There are even a couple cast members in it that I recognize which is super cool!!
Not just a wonderful keepsake for my collection but a really interesting read too.

Pretty darn chuffed with that! Starting the year off with a good total and hoping I can keep it up to at least 3 per month this year, anything more than that and I'll be ecstatic haha. Last January I read 4 books and for that whole quarter, I totalled 12. Just saying for my own reference, not that amount read means anything, we don't do reading speed competition here!
Keep up with what I'm reading by checking out my Goodreads page here and let me know in the comments what you have been reading lately. I'd love to hear about anything you've been particularly enjoying.

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  1. I've added you as a friend on Goodreads. Well done for reading those books. I have a few in my library that I haven't read.

    1. Yay!! Thank you! I'm keeping up with your new book blog and you seem to get through them pretty quick!


  2. Yay! Love that you've got your reading mojo back and seem to be powering through books at the moment. x x

    1. Me too!! Although, this week has been a bit of a fail with being away...eek. Need to play a bit of catch up.


  3. These all sound amazing especially the Disney ones.

    I will add you on Goodreads once I’ve signed in on my phone.