Friday, 9 February 2018

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #34

Hiiieeee, I'm back once again for the renegade master  with another post in my 'Videos You NEED To See' series! The whole point of these posts is to shed light on the amazing, inspiring, beautiful, funny, cute, entertaining, wonderful interesting things in our little world that can be so dark sometimes.
I want to spread smiles though things that have made me smile and educate people on important topics in a fun way, so I hope these videos below do just that.

TW: Death and Burial/Cremation. 
Important and factual video! I think of myself as pretty eco-conscious but I learnt a lot from this.

Probably the best w/rap-up of 2017. Stick around for the very end which made me laugh more than it I'm sure it should have.

Steve-O's story of rescuing his street dog is beautiful and such a great example to others to adopt not shop! <3

I'm not quite sure I've ever seen a person who makes such an incredible looking male and female. & so talented!

Pangolins are one of my Born Free adoptions for 2018 and it's important that more people learn about them. Look how adorable they are!

TW: Suicide & Depression
An inspiring story of hope from an extremely brave soul.

All of the cuteness! 5 unique animal encounters.

Disneyland making even more dreams come always! :D

I'd love to hear which of these videos you enjoyed or learnt something from. These are fun posts to put together every so often, after having collected a bunch of favourites over a few weeks. So make sure to always share any videos you think others would enjoy with me so I can add them to future posts (with credit to you of course) pretty please! Leave links either in the comments or via twitter - I'm @UnderToWonder !
Thanks for stopping by <3

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