Sunday, 4 March 2018

Back Through The Lens // Week 9

Happy Sunday guys!
Over the past 5 years, I have taken part in a little photo project called Project 365. Project 365 is simply taking a photo every day a year. Now I have 5 full years of photo memories to look back on and wanted to share a few here to reminisce. So here it is, week 9 of Back Through the Lens!

 March 3rd, 2013.
 Oh gosh! I didn't think there would be any hammie photos in this series as I'd sadly lost most of them by the time I finally suceeded with my first year of project 365. This little lady is Dusty and she had a rough start at life being dumped in a dog poo bin by some evil person. A council worker found her when he was empting it as she had nibbled a hole in the corner of the bag. She was taken to our local rescue centre and we rehomed her! She was in the newspaper and everything - I still have the article too. Little miricle ham <3

 Week 9, February 2014.
 As another part of Jake's birthday, the two of us went with Mam and Dad to do a private tour of St James stadium. Even for someone who isn't super into football, it was really cool.

 February 27th, 2015.
For Jake's birthday in 2015 we took a trip up to Edinburgh Zoo. I am not getting into the zoo debate here but if you want to check out the series of post with other photos from this day (here) you can read a little disclaimer/my zoo thoughts there. Anyway, this was a Mama Chimp with her new baby and her friend was cooing over the baby, stroking it's head! Such a lovely moment to have seen.

 February 27th, 2016.
Seeing as all I can usually eat when out for a meal is a bowl of chips, I have room for pudding! Though, this was before I went vegan and now it's back to just chips lol.

 March 2nd, 2017.
To think that last year we were on the beach in the sun and this year we have piles of snow and closed roads is crazy haha!! I remember this day and how much fun little man had, it's a littlr sad that it's so rare. Maybe one day we'll get a private beach lol


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  1. Dusty's story is so sad. It's heartwarming that the worker found her and took her to a shelter. Lovely for you to get her. I'm going to see the post about the Zoo. I love monkeys. :)

    1. Isn't it?! They named her Dusty because of that so I couldn't change her name really. Bless her heart. Not everyone would have helped her so I'm glad it was that particular council worker who found her.


  2. Such an amazing project to do.. never really thought of doing this. but actually you have a memory of every day :) lovely post. enjoyed reading it. sad about Hammie iand the bin.

    1. Thank you! Oh it's difficult to get into to start with but soon becomes habit and is amazing to look back on.


  3. Gorgeous photos! Lovely hamster, what a sad story :( I'm glad that little hamster got a loving home with you though. x x

    1. Thank you! I know eh? It was horrible to think that someone decided just to throw her in a dog poo bin :( but at least she was found!!