Sunday, 15 April 2018

Back Through The Lens // Week 15

Happy Sunday guys!
Over the past 5 years, I have taken part in a little photo project called Project 365. Project 365 is simply taking a photo every day a year. Now I have 5 full years of photo memories to look back on and wanted to share a few here to reminisce. So here it is, week 15 of Back Through the Lens!

April 13th, 2013.
My caption for this photo tells me that this was Baker's first ever proper time playing in the sea! He was 8 months old here and loved the beach so much! Look at him go!
This was also our first bad experience with other dogs, when a group meeting of Huskies went on a rampage across the beach, knocking over kids and surrounding Baker in the process - it was pretty scary. The owners were awful and didn't apologise to anyone, though when I had to run into the sea in my clothes and with my camera to get a hold of Baker, there was a lovely family who came over to help and asked if I needed a lift home. We were very lucky then to live such a short walk from home though.

Week 15, April 2014.
When I lived down in Blyth, Byker and Fawdon I didn't get to see my parents a lot at all. Mam would come down every few weeks though and today we had a little trip out to Cullercoats for Baker to have a run on the beach. It was such fab weather!

April 13th, 2015.
New bedding! 

April 9th, 2016.
 I can't believe, looking back, that it's been so long since a) The Jungle Book was released and b) that I went on a solo trip to Edinburgh to the cinema. Solo! All alone! My anxiety was sky high and I got made fun of by some teen girls in the screen but it was a success overall!

April 11th, 2017.
 I love decorating for Spring! This was our Spring tree for 2017 and I was so excited about the tiny wooden decorations I got from Tiger - super cute!


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  1. That shot of you and your Mum with Baker is the sweetest thing Danielle, such a lovely photo! I'm really enjoying this series of yours, as some of these photo I'd never seen before so it's lovely to finally set eyes on them. Your photography truly is so stunning. It always impresses me. - Tasha

    1. Thank you! I love that photo haha. I'm really enjoying putting these posts together so that's super cool to hear that you are enjoying it too. <3


  2. Those pictures of Baker, though. He's so handsome! And it looks like he loved the sea. Shame some people with their horrible dogs have to ruin things for everyone else :( x x

    1. Ah thank you. Oh he's a proper water baby when it comes to the sea/river but bathtime? Nope! lol. Exactly...he was such a confident dog who loved playing with other dogs, now he can hardly go in the garden for the toilet without being anxious.