Friday, 13 April 2018

Countdown to Disney 2018 // Meet and Greet Wishlist

59 Days
8 weeks, 3 days
1.93 Months

Well due to the little kind of break I had last month, we've taken a big jump on the countdown to our Disney trip and now only have 59 days to go, meaning I have to make like a bee and get busy with the planning.
Just as I have done in my previous series of the same name, today I'm listing some of the characters I'd like to encounter this time around. 2018 is a special trip, as I've gone on and on about, and due to the contents of our party I think that character meets will be lower down on the priority list than usual. However, I'm still making a mini wishlist just because! Here's who I wouldn't mind a hug off during our trip...

Mickey and Minnie
No matter how many times you've visited a Disney park, if Minnie and Mickey aren't on your to-meet list you're doing it wrong.
But if I didn't take the opportunity to get a full family portrait of Mam, Dad and I with the power couple of the world I would forever regret it. I know from my past trip or two that getting the boss and his wife in one place is pretty tricky so I'll settle for just Mickey if I only get one family meet and greet this year.

The longest shot if ever there was a long shot! But he is my top ever bucket list meet. He may not actually actively be on the meeting schedule but I do know he does have a holiday home not far from Disneyland Paris, so I'll continue to hold out hope. Plus, his girlfriend, the beautiful Ortensia, is making her debut at the park for this Fandaze thingy which is a week or two before our you never know!

White Rabbit & Cheshire Cat
I've met Alice and The Mad Hatter, I've met the Red Queen, but I've never had the chance to even see the White Rabbit or Cheshire Cat in person, let alone meet them. It'd be cool to 'have the set'.

Genie & Abu
Ever since I saw Genie argue with a pair of mallards in front of the castle, during extra magic hours back in 2010 I've wanted to meet him. It was the funniest thing as he was signing someone's autograph book and the ducks in the flowers behind him started having a rather loud conversation, he turned around and was 'shushing' them until they stopped. Then just as he turned around to continue meeting people they started again and Genie's reaction was priceless. 
Hopefully, with the new(ish) meet spot for Aladdin and his gang in Adventureland I'll be able to say hi to both Genie and Abu this time around.

Jack Sparrow
Many people know that I'm not a big 'face character' fan. I just feel that with my anxiety etc I'm much better at interacting with the furs than the faces. I have obviously met faces in the past, however, I think I haven't since 2014 but I'll make the odd exception if I feel like it on the day and this guy will be top of that list.

The Penguins
This is where my Disney knowledge might have failed as I'm unsure if these guys have a specific name or not..but I'm sure you know I mean the penguins from Mary Poppins! I'm glad to have met Mary and Bert before I got less confident with face characters, so hopefully, I can grab a penguin on their own haha.

If I even tick one of these off on our 2018 trip I'll be happy but like I said meets sadly won't be a priority this time. the time of my last countdown post we had 110 days to go and now it's down to 59 which is mental. There are still another 3 countdown posts to come after this too, but I've spread them out as much as possible in the schedule haha.

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  1. I really hope you get to meet Jack and that it's a fun interaction for you. I know what you mean about anxiety and being wary of doing certain things or meeting certain people so I hope you can do it and have it be something nice for you. I'm so excited for you! - Tasha