Friday, 27 April 2018

Countdown to Disney 2018 // My Shopping List

45 Days
6 weeks & 3 days
1.47 Months

Time for another count down! Our holiday is coming up fast, as always and it's all getting extra exciting. For this entry into the countdown diary it's time to write up my shopping list! 

Hotel & Year Pins
My only must-buy on every DLP shopping list is a pin of the year we go, so this time a 2018 pin and as I 'collect' the hotels so I obviously have to collect the corresponding pins too. This time I'm ticking off the Hotel New York before it's big renovation (which means I'll never be staying at it again) and after I get this pin I only have Davy Crockett Ranch and Newport Bay to go...which we already have plans for, yay! 

Pandora Charm
I never go into Pandora shops at home because I feel out of place and the posh sales people usually look down their noses at tattooed, skate shoe wearing me. However, I'll make an exception for the brand new Pandora shop in the WDS park! Especially if it means grabbing an exclusive DLP charm.

Minnie Ears
I don't have a normal pair of Ears, you know. I have a couple of special ones that aren't ideal for every day wear so I'd like a basic pair that I can wear more often.

Special Ornament
I have artwork and soft toys and books, but after years of browsing the art store in Disney Village I'm ready for a special castle or Walt & Mickey ornament that I can treasure forever to remember this extra special trip. 

I haven't much spending money this time around so the list is pretty short but before anyone mouths off that I am extremely privileged just to be going on a holiday let alone anything else, I know. And I work bloomin' hard for it.

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