Friday, 20 April 2018

Disneyland Paris Details // Les Mystères du Nautilus Part 2

Before going on, please pop over to this post and check out part 1 of this edition of DLP Details! As I pretty much said in that post, I feel this is certainly an overlooked, underappreciated attraction in a land that could be so much more if people gave it the chance to be because of the old school futuristic, steampunk vibes are really awesome. Let me show you more wonders that the Nautilus holds!
Click here to fully submerge yourself as you explore through some of my images below.

It's beyond me how anyone who has taken the time to explore Les Mystères du Nautilus can't adore it. The details - like everything else at Disney Parks - are so intricate and mirror the movie so well. If you have no idea at all what the movie this attraction references, I highly recommend having a little read of a recent blog post of mine ' 8 Movies to Watch Before Going to Disneyland Paris' which I had a lot of fun writing and it explains a little about the movies that certain rides stem from or vice versa.

I'd love to hear what you think about this attraction. And if you are enjoying this series. I am anyway haha! I'm looking forward to taking extra heaps of photos in just over 50 days for even more of these posts and I think this one in particular may require a revisit post...

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