Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Project 365 // March Summary

Top 3 Photos -  

Top 5 Moments -
- Being able to go down and support my friend at a court hearing.
- Suprise otter sighting on the way home from work.
- Reading and seeing A Wrinkle in Time.
- Catch ups with Claire.
- Spending time with Mam, Dad & Baker on Easter.

This Month in Previous Years -
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  1. You're such a good friend Danielle - your kindness knows no bounds. I love that you supported your friend at a court hearing. I'm also glad you got to spend Easter with your family and Baker too, that's all we can ever ask for really - time with our loved ones. Beautiful photos this month too - always enjoy seeing these. - Tasha

    1. Aw bless you, thank you. Just doing what I's what friends are for.


  2. I'm still so jealous that you get to see otters in the wild! The wildlife by you is amazing. x x

    1. Haha it's pretty insane. I still get super excited every time it happens. I'm like one of the only people in town not to have seen the dolphins that visit us though...hopefully this summer!!