Sunday, 13 May 2018

Back Through the Lens // Week 19

Happy Sunday guys!
Over the past 5 years, I have taken part in a little photo project called Project 365. Project 365 is simply taking a photo every day a year. Now I have 5 full years of photo memories to look back on and wanted to share a few here to reminisce. So here it is, week 19 of Back Through the Lens!

 May 7th, 2013.
I miss the days that I could pack a bag, head through the 10-minute walk through the woods and spend the day at the beach with Baker, by myself. My own anxiety, coupled with his anxiety and fear of other dogs means this is impossible now...but they were great memories.

Week 19, April 2014.
Spring walkies with no coats and a frisbee in hand, the best way to spend the day off work. 
(I put this post together before the break up, so this is weird to still include without mentioning that we are still on speaking terms. I will do an update post in the coming weeks to explain everything for people who may not follow me on Twitter)

May 7th, 2015.
Oh gosh, remember when I had time to sit and freakin' braid bits of thread into friendship bracelets. Those were the days.

May 6th, 2016.
I can't believe this was our first time meeting in person! This here is one of my best friends in the world and she travelled all the way from Belgium to meet me in Berwick before our holiday to DLP in Nov/Dec 2016. We had a good couple days. First of many :) See you again in 36 days!

May 12th, 2017.
The original description of this photo will better explain than I can right now -
''I got a 2nd job today. This is my 'yay' gift. I've eyed it for a long time in Asda but couldn't justify £12 for anything, let alone a vase. Today I spotted it for £5 all because one of the poor bees had lost a wing. Long story short, I actually love broken things and it made me want it more. I feel sorry for broken things because no one else wants them and I don't want anything to feel unwanted...even though it's an inanimate object.''


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  1. I didn't noticed the broken wing initially. The vase looks lovely.

  2. You wouldn't notice the broken wing at first glance - that's a bargain! Love the photo of Baker and you playing in the sea. x x

    1. That's good then :) Ah thank you! Good memories.