Wednesday, 9 May 2018

HP & the Dark Arts // Leaky Caldron, Defense Against the Dark Arts & more.

Goodness me, I suck so bad at getting anything to do with the blog done this year. But who cares?! These posts are for my benefit and currently, it's somewhat benefiting me to be behind in blogging...if that makes sense.
Anyway, it's crazy to think it's already been 6 months since our last visit to the WB Studio Tour to celebrate my 27th birthday. This is only my 3rd post from that trip so I really need to get caught up! That being said, here are some photos.

This was the first real addition in comparison to our visit in 2015. The corridor from the Leaky Caldron! Doesn't it look super cool? It definitely conveys the effect it's meant to more so via camera than it did in person but I suppose that's the point it was created for.
With us being there during the Dark Arts feature we also got to see Nevile's boggart - Snape dressed as his Grandmother. Pretty cool eh?
I'm going to leave this post here and attempt to not leave it as long between this and the next in this series. :)

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