Friday, 1 June 2018

What I Watched in May

I know I still need to write an update post but yet again my excuse for a total right off month is that I went through a break-up, moved out of my house and had to deal with all of that malarky. I've had no time to think let alone watch movies or get any blog posts done sadly :( Still, I document each month and this is what happened in May...

❤ Loved
⭐️ Liked
☁️ Indifferent
⚡️ Disliked
💔 Hated
May 1st.
Back in Time [2015]

May 4th.

Ru Paul's Drag Race S10E7 [2018]

May 5th.
The Secret Garden [2017]

May 7th.
Kramer vs Kramer [1979]
A Little Help with Carol Burnett S1E1-8 [2018]

May 11th.
Ru Paul's Drag Race S10E8 [2018]
A Little Help with Carol Burnett S1E9-12 [2018]

May 12th.
Candy Jar [2018]
Big Hero 6 [2014]
Jumanji [2017]

May 13th.
Take the 10 [2017]
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [2004]

May 18th.
Ru Paul's Drag Race S10E9 [2018]

 May 23rd.
Results [2015]

May 25th.
Ru Paul's Drag Race S10E10 [2018]

May 26th.
The Kissing Booth [2018]

Monthly total - 10
Previously unseen - 7
Most in one day - 3
Cinema visit - 0
Own the DVD - 4
Non-physical watch - 6
Documentary - 1
Disney productions - 1
TV seasons - 2

Yearly total - 142
Yearly unseen - 121

I told you it was a write-off! 10 movies is a joke compared to my usual but meh, I had already succumbed to the fact that this year's total was going to be a lot lower than the previous two. I hadn't quite expected for my world to be flipped upside down eh?
What have you been watching recently?

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  1. Well, you are watching movies to enjoy it, not to meet a target, so the number shouldn't matter. I liked Jumanji, despite not expecting it.
    Kramer vs Kramer is a classic.

    1. Very true! I don't know why I get so hung up on beating previous 'bests' haha. Yes Jumanji is brilliant, they did really well with that story line and I think Robin Williams would have loved it.