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Aloha! Hello! Bonjour! And welcome to Underland to Wonderland.
First things first, I am Danielle. I'm a 27 year-old in truth, yet a 67-year-old in spirit, girl from the most Northern town in the UK - Berwick Upon Tweed. I live with my other half Jake, who hails from Bristol with his farmer twang being tainted by life in the North East. We have been together for over 6 years now and completing our family is Baker the Border Collie Lurcher cross who is 5!

As this is an 'about me', maybe you'd like to know a little about me...?

All animals
Nature/Wildlife Exploration and Photographing
Silence and/or only Bird Song
Mr Walter Elias Disney & Everything related 
Magical & Fantastical Worlds
Being alone with my Dog
Fundraising & Helping Causes Close to My Heart
My house of Hufflepuff!

Social Interaction.
Alcohol/Drugs/Intoxicated People
Animal Testing or Abuse/Exploitation of Any Sort
Cities/ Places with Lots of People
Being Cold
Fifa (or in particular, Jake playing Fifa)
Those Who Don't Allow Anyone to Have Opposing Opinions
Many foods - I'm fussy!

All of that sums me up pretty well actually! I am indeed 100% sober and have been for around 5 years now, it's a big part of me, as well as being cruelty-free and veggie. I do my bit for animal rights campaigns and have my own adopted Hyena family with WWF! In 2016 my Dad and I walked over 32 miles around Kielder water, which is one of our favorite places ever, to raise money for Althzhimer's Society and Parkinson's and in the last few years I have saved many a garden bird...I'd like to think of myself as a modern day, lesser version of Snow White! :)

Thinking of Snow White, I am also rather traditional in the aspect of being a non-career woman who cooks and cleans and looks after the house. It's good because I only have to work 23ish hours a week, over my 3 cleaning jobs, and get to be at home with my best friend (Baker) the rest of the time.

I really struggle with 'About Me's and have been trying to work on this for quite a while haha...I'm not too keen talking about me, me, me so if you'd still like to know more of what I'm like, here are some blog posts I think you may enjoy -

[coming soon]

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll stay to follow our journey from Underland to Wonderland.

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